A Haunting - Season 1

Thursday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Dec 09, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • A Haunting in Connecticut
    Ed and Karen Parker move their family into a old Connecticut home to be near the hospital where their teenaged son receives cancer treatment. Soon after learning that their residence was once a funeral home, son Paul begins seeing entities and his health worsens. With his behavior becoming increasingly erratic, his parents have him committed to a mental hospital. Once the son is gone, the evil forces inhabiting the house turn on the rest of the family. In desperation, the Parkers contact psychic investigators Edward and Lorraine Warren for help.moreless
  • A Haunting in Georgia
    The troubles begin for the Wyrick family when their three-year-old daughter Heidi begins spending time with her new invisible friend, kindly old Mr. Gordy. The family eventually realizes there's more to Mr. Gordy than just a child's active imagination. Heidi awakens one night with claw marks on her face and her father Andy soon suffers the same scratches on his back. Mr. Gordy is no longer the only apparition; he's joined by a hooded, faceless figure and a man with one hand. The family contacts a parapsychologist who attributes the manifestations to energy from a fault-line. Later, a psychic tells them of several spirits in the home, some being good and some being evil. Eventually, they turn to their church for help.moreless
  • Lake Club Horror
    Lake Club Horror
    Episode 1

    Bill and Tom buy a former dance hall in Springfield, Illinois and after much renovation reopen it as a live rock 'n roll club. The customers in 1974 love the historic place, but the staffers feel differently. Music seems to emanate from nowhere and chilling blasts of air frighten the owners and crew after hours. One bartender has direct contact with a threatening spirit that informs her that one of the owners is soon going to die. Through old photographs, she identifies him as a troubled former bartender who had committed suicide on the premises.

  • Episode 1
    Episode 1
    Episode 1
    A relentless demon threatens to shatter the idyllic home life of a close-knit family, who turn to a team of paranormal investigators to battle the evil force and send it back to hell.
  • Episode 1
    Episode 1
    Episode 1
    A family come across a secret room in their new home, but something seems to be trying to drive them out.
  • 11/4/05
    Ginger is immediately drawn to Summerwind, a 50-year-old home by the shores in West Bay Lake, Wisconsin. The house's history of hauntings do nothing to discourage her or her husband from moving in with their family. A malevolent force soon overtakes the home, turning her husband into a deranged and violent madman who quits working and sits at the organ pounding out chilling music. With the family now broke and her children living in constant terror, Ginger must find a way to free them from the evil of Summerwind.moreless
  • Episode 2
    Episode 2
    Episode 2
    A mother and son match wits against a vicious demon that they contend is using an ancient artifact to open portals in their home.
  • Hell House
    Hell House
    Episode 3
    Bonnie moves her family into a century-old farmhouse in rural Connecticut. They quickly sense they're not alone as various members report feeling they're being watched. This presence soon manifests itself as violence with two of her children being inexplicably attacked. After contacting psychic investigators for help, Bonnie starts to transform as a spirit from the past takes over her thoughts and actions.moreless
  • Episode 3
    Episode 3
    Episode 3
    A series of unexpected events lead a family to discover a history of death connected to their new home, which they come to suspect is haunted, especially after an attack.
  • Cursed
    Episode 4

    While shopping for a new home in Tuscon, Romie is strangely attracted to an abandoned house. She feels right at home at first--until the nightmares begin. After sighting a threatening spectre walking in the hallway, she decides it's time to get help. The psychic she contacts tells her to reach out to the spirit and try and discover what it wants.

  • Echoes from the Grave

    Ron and Nancy move into a spacious, older Baltimore, MD house with their large brood. They think nothing of all the windows having been nailed shut, or that the seller says, "I hope you're good fighters." They're simply happy to have a home at an unusually low price. They soon understand the seller's fighting comment as the lights and faucets turn themselves on and off and objects move themselves around. Nancy becomes genuinely alarmed following a dream featuring an elderly woman who cackles with delight as her family tries to escape the burning house.

  • Darkness Follows
    Episode 6
    Al, Kellie, and her young daughter are drawn to a renovated Montreal townhome. Soon after moving in, supernatural events begin with unseen footsteps being heard and the sighting of a young woman. While Al is fascinated by the phenomena, Kellie is becoming increasingly terrified. Determined to explain the events, Al and two psychic friends use a Ouija board to contact the spirits. They learn that the house is not only haunted by a distraught young woman, but also the man who'd murdered her following a botched abortion. The men become convinced that the key to the haunting lies buried in the basement.moreless