A Haunting - Season 3

Thursday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Dec 09, 2005 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • The Dark Side
    Episode 10
    Bobby and Addie Wilcott hope to repair their rocky marriage, starting with a move into an historic New England house. Their new home provides a poor environment for reconciliation, with doors that open themselves and a piano that seemingly plays by itself. They can no longer ignore the paranormal events once their five-year-old is attacked by an invisible force. Ed and Lorraine Warren, noted paranormal investigators, conclude that a demonic entity being empowered by the negative energy in their relationship. The Warrens propose an exorcism.moreless
  • The Presence
    Episode 9

    Sarah Miller buys her first home in a small California town in 2000. From the start, her teen daughter, Becky, felt something was amiss about the house. Sarah dismissed her claims of disembodied voices and floating faces as simply adjustment problems from the move. Months later, when Sarah herself sees blood oozing from the walls, she knows there's something evil within. She's frightened when learning the previous tenants practiced devil worshiping masses in Becky's room. Sarah contacts Dave Considine at Phantasm Psychic Research. After a long investigation, the paranormal team decides there's something much worse than a ghost in the Miller's home; it's a diabolical, a demon trying to break the family apart.

  • The Possessed
    Episode 8

    Mary Vogel's investigation of a Virginia farm uncovers evidence of satanic rituals. It also unleashes a malevolent spirit that attaches itself to her, filling her days with nightmarish visions and nights with physical attacks. As the demon overtakes her life, her son Josh becomes frightened of her and the relationship with her fiance falls apart. With her formerly deep faith in the Church under assault, it's up to her family and mentor John Zaffis to arrange an exorcism.

  • 11/14/06
    David Guy purchased the two-hundred-year-old Wheatsheaf Pub in northern England in 2004. From the start, staff and customers reported unexplained sounds and numerous sightings of a young girl in period garb. Jokingly, the staff uses an improvised Ouija board to contact the spirits in bar. It's no longer a game when a spirit named Joseph tells them to get out or he will kill them all. Psychic Suzanna Hadwin becomes involved and learns through her "third eye" that Joseph killed the young girl, Jessica, a century ago and hid her body in a wall upstairs. It is now up to Suzanna and the staff to set Jessica free and rid the Wheatsheaf of the malevolent Joseph.moreless
  • The Forgotten
    Episode 6

    The remodeling a Victorian house in Salt Lake City reawakened a spirit that doesn't want change. When April James and her fiance, Matt, begin renovations, they endure unexpected slow-downs and eerie events: April begins to hear voices and her son sees something moving in his closet. After a threatening black apparition shows itself, the couple consult a medium in hopes of reclaiming their home.

  • 11/2/06
    With the help of her parents, Martha Fahey is planning to raise her baby in the same Galway, Ireland townhouse that she grew up in. Once her daughter is born, Martha hears crying in the middle of the night, even though her child is fast asleep. As time passes, items begin disappearing and a cold overtakes their home. The Fahey family begins to suspect a haunting and seeks help. A spiritual healer tells them the new child has awakened spirits from a hideous crime committed long before the family moved in.moreless
  • The Unleashed
    Episode 4

    Standish, Michigan is riddled with burial sites of the Native Americans, so Randy Irvin isn't surprised to find a skeleton buried beneath the century-old house he moved into in 1974. After reburying the remains, Randy becomes fascinated with the idea of contacting the dead. Chanting an incantation from a book of witchcraft, he unleashes a scratching, clawing, growling spirit that attacks him nightly before turning on his mother and sister. Desperate to send the demon back from where he'd summoned it, he turns to a Wiccan white witch who is overpowered by its force. At the edge of insanity, Randy meets Nora Rainer, a healer who is experienced in dealing with demonic spirits.

  • Hidden Terror
    Episode 3

    Mike and his girlfriend Lisa had a great relationship...until they moved in together. Something about their house is causing unpleasant changes in Lisa's personality. After an encounter with an spirit crawling across their bed, Mike is sure he knows the cause of Lisa's foul mood : the house is haunted. The two soon split up. Mike asks a friend to help him paint and after a brief time in the house, his friend's mood becomes as emotional as Lisa's was. A team of paranormal investigators arrive with cameras and microphones, hoping to document the spirits of a playful young boy and a resentful adult male, both of which have been sighted.

  • The Attic
    Episode 2
    From the outset, Selena Warner is convinced that she and her young son are not alone in their Michigan house. After several unnerving encounters, her sister Adrian grabs a camera and begins taking pictures, hoping they will reveal what they sense but cannot see. The frightening photos lead the sisters on a hunt for details about the house's history. What they learn from the former residents identifies one of the spirits--but not the dark presence that resides in the attic.moreless
  • Fear House
    Episode 1

    Steven LaChance and his three children move from a cramped apartment into a roomy old house in Union, Missouri. Initially, he's not concerned by his kids' claims of ghosts stalking the halls and opening closet doors; he just assumes they're reacting to stress from the recent break-up of his marriage. Soon enough, Steven is fearing for his children's' safety and one might they all flee the house in terror. After a new family moves in, the supernatural activities go from frightening to dangerous. Recurring nightmares convince Steven that these people are also in danger, so he goes to warn them of the peril they face.