A Haunting - Season 4

Thursday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Dec 09, 2005 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Legend Trippers
    Episode 13

    According to local legend, anyone sitting atop the mausoleum in Green Lake, Wisconsin's oldest cemetery will be shoved off the roof by a ghost. High school friends Nick, Jon, and Krystian decide to test it out one Halloween night. Searching for the mausoleum, each of the three feels they are being watched by something hiding in the overgrowth. They boys become more frightened as the night progresses, convinced that something evil resides among the graves and tombstones and that these spirits are seeking revenge.

  • 11/2/07

    After her parents split up and leave town, Morgan Knudsen needs a new place to live. She decides to room with a friend from work, Bob, who's just divorced and been diagnosed with cancer. Their new Edmonton apartment comes with an unadvertised amenity: a devious spirit. The entity shows itself to Morgan as a dark, shadowy figure but presents itself to Bob as a needy child. Missing his own children, Bob befriends the spirit, believing it to be harmless. Morgan learns otherwise after the ghost starts attacking her. She turns to a demonologist who tells her the spirit is trying to get rid of her so it can have Bob all to itself.

  • Casa de los Muertos
    Episode 11

    With hopes of improving his music career, Latin jazz guitarist Eddie Benitez moves his family to Tempe, Arizona. The excitement over their "new start" is diminished by a series of strange events around the house and their son's sudden, strange illness. Doctors are unable to diagnose the cause and the young man continues to get sicker. That's when Eddie uncovers the dark secret in the house's past: their son's room was the site of an ugly suicide. Convinced that the dead man is inflicting his pain on his son, Eddie turns to his Puerto Rican heritage to fight the evil that's killing his child.

  • Stalked by Evil
    Episode 10

    Judy McCarthy and her family are excited about the move into their new home, unaware of the ugly events that the Texas house has seen in its past. A shadowy figure focuses its wrath on the teen-aged daughter, Caressa, tormenting her each night in her room. As time passes, the spirit becomes stronger and the danger to Caressa grows.

  • Ghost Hunter
    Episode 9

    Stacey Jones is a paranormal investigator in New York state who's considered an expert on dealing with unruly spirits. After allowing her teenaged son Jamie to accompany her on a cemetery investigation, she's shocked to discover scratches on his legs. Soon, objects begin flying across rooms and unearthly sounds are heard throughout their house. Stacy becomes convinced that a malevolent spirit has attached itself to Jamie and is now attempting overtake his soul. Unable to handle the situation alone, she turns to fellow expert John Zaffis for help.

  • Echoes of the Past
    Episode 8
    Soon after Libby and Sean Johnson move into an old Vermont house, they begin hearing strange noises in the night. They think little of it until their young daughter begins telling them about the two fairies that visit her nightly in her room. Believing they might have ghosts, the Johnsons do research that reveals the house does have a tragic past. When the spirits begin striking out physically, the couple contacts paranormal experts, hoping they will rid the house of these unhappy spirits.moreless
  • Spellbound
    Episode 7

    Sandra Waldron becomes intrigued by the supernatural when the spirit of a schoolmaster who died on the property begins to frighten her son Gene. When Sandra and her husband Steven split up, she and Gene move back to their hometown and discover that the previous owners studied Witchcraft and the occult. Over the next several years, Sandra begins to study Wicca and plunges deeper and deeper into the occult, only to change and become more isolated from her son.

  • Where Evil Lurks
    Episode 6
    The Shea family moves into an old house located in the seemingly quiet Arkansas countryside. Life is not quiet for long as the family begins hearing bizarre sounds and voices in their home. When they learn that a child had died in the house years earlier, they are relieved, believing the spirit to be playful and harmless. Soon, however, the entity turns malevolent causing one of their children to suffer a serious back injury. Not willing to take any more risks, the terrified Sheas turn to psychic mediums for help.moreless
  • 9/14/07

    Joanne and Jim Whitley finally realize their dream of opening a horse-riding business. They buy an abandoned New Hampshire farm, plunge into renovations and open for business. Their dream turns into a nightmare when their young son begins hearing odd sounds, their horses contract mysterious ailments and Joanne senses an unseen negative presence. When their son becomes the target of the spirit's physical attacks, Joanne and Jim take action, calling in an expert practitioner of Shamballa (Tibetan Buddhist spiritual techniques) to save their business and themselves.

  • The Apartment
    Episode 4

    Bill and Myrisa Spencer are newlyweds and college students in Seattle. The two have just moved into a newly renovated apartment off-campus and are looking forward to their their life together. Soon after moving in, they discover they have no privacy as ghostly spirits stalk their hallways. Since they can't break their lease, the two plan to simply tolerate the unwanted roommates. Their plan changes, however, when Bill is violently attacked by the dark entities. Fearing for their lives, the frightened Spencers call a team of ghost hunters hoping they can bring peace to the restless spirits.

  • The Calling
    Episode 3
    Rebecca's life is back on track; she recently married a loving man, Daniel, who considers her two children to be his own. However, Rebecca has a secret that could wreck her newly-found happiness: since she was a child, she has been able to communicate with spirits. Generally, she ignores their attempts at contact and they leave her alone. This time, she is being haunted by a ghost who will not leave her in peace. Rebecca is now forced to reveal her secret to her new husband and hope that he will believe and support her in her effort to be rid of the spirit.moreless
  • The Awakening
    Episode 2
    Randy and Marcy faces stress everyday in their law-enforcement jobs; he is a detective and she heads the dispatch center. After their son is sent by the Army to serve in the Middle East, Marcy becomes even more worried. Her constant state of high anxiety seems to awaken a malevolent spirit that only grows in strength and dangerousness.moreless
  • Dark Wrath
    Episode 1
    Cindy suffers nightmares involving a dark, ominous figure as she prepares to move into an old house in her rural hometown. She blames the stress of moving, thinking the dreams will stop once they become settled in. Instead, the unsettling dreams start to play out in real life. Her daughters are afraid to stay in their own room and they all feel they are constantly being watched. Cindy is spurred to take action after the dark wraith physically attacks her.moreless