A Haunting

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2007 on Discovery Channel
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Sandra Waldron becomes intrigued by the supernatural when the spirit of a schoolmaster who died on the property begins to frighten her son Gene. When Sandra and her husband Steven split up, she and Gene move back to their hometown and discover that the previous owners studied Witchcraft and the occult. Over the next several years, Sandra begins to study Wicca and plunges deeper and deeper into the occult, only to change and become more isolated from her son.


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  • Horrible

    While I understand this is a recollection of someone else's experience, the "representation" of Wicca was incorrect and poorly researched. It was especially evident in the comment about his mother posting a "devil" above his bed. The horned God is NOT the devil. On top of this, just because someone is a doesn't mean they are wiccan.

    In the future, if you represent a religion, please don't do so through the biases of another.moreless
  • obviously someones ATTEMPT at writing

    really bad, as a practitioner of Wicca, the episode is poorly researched, badly written and totally stupid. The person was NOT Wiccan she was a fluffy bunny practitioner that thought she was cool. she had NO concept of the religion. Wicca is a nature based POSITIVE religion, and was NOT the cause of her misfortune, however if she used divination tools without proper shielding and safety she could open a door she cant close. People shouldnt dabble in things they know nothing about, and writers shouldnt write about things they obviously DONT research. My 12 year old daughter thought this the most goofy piece of fluff ever, and stated that she could write it better.

    )0( Brightest Blessings Jenmoreless
  • About wicca.

    Wicca cannot be used and has not been used to harm others. Only practicing it and not paying attention to any of your family members is wrong. Wicca shouldn't be used against to harm anyone. If you shall bring a spirit back, it should be the good for all. So the ones who had brought that spirit back saposedly practicing "witchcraft" wasn't actually practicing it. They weren't wiccan at all, they were more of satanists. The spirits that wiccans contact shall never harm no one along with any spells you send out. I am wiccan myself I have been for over 10 years. There is a rule for ones who practice wicca. It's called the Rule of Three. Meaning what ever you send out always comes back to you three fold. Basicly what goes around comes around, but three times. The Rule of Three states "An ye harm none do what ye will." Wicca is NOT the occult. It's a peaceful earth based religion using magick. But once again, as stated a few other times, that it shall NOT be used to harm others. You should read more about Wicca before practicing it or judging ones who do.moreless
  • A woman finds solace in the Earth-centered religion of Wicca and her son is too ignorant to support her decision.

    This episode makes a mockery of Wicca. Earth-centered religions do not automatically summon demons or negative spirits. It appeared as if the point of this episode is to be afraid and wary of Wicca and other pagan traditions. This is incorrect and offensive to those who follow pagan traditions.

    Also, the picture in the son's room being referred to as the Devil is extremely offensive. The picture is of the Horned God and of the Goddess, the major Deities in Wicca. Those who write this shows need to do their research before airing and have those who make commentary during the show understand exactly what they are talking about.moreless
  • woman PLAYS with magic, not knowing what she is doing and in turn drives her son crazy.

    what a disgusting portrayal of pagans. I understand that the people involved may have learned their lessons and blah blah blah, but this episode is very biased. This woman had NO IDEA what she was doing, and there is no mention of that in the episode at all. its just "oooohhh wicca is scary and its all about the devil! Stay away, be very scared! Go to church!" While I am not Wiccan, Wicca is a beautiful religion to those that practice it. It is earth based, and a very peaceful and loving religion in which the intention is to never cause harm.

    If this lady was calling up "demons" then she was no wiccan. Also she was practicing SELFISH magic, and that is not what wiccans do.

    point is this episode really really irrtated me.

    Just disgusting.moreless

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