A Haunting

Season 4 Episode 2

The Awakening

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 17, 2007 on Discovery Channel

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  • A man and wife both work in law enforcement, but, the wife is more worried about the man because she just works in the office. Their son has just joined the military, adding more stress. Soon they being hearing, seeing, even FEELING things...

    Okay, first off, this episode was pretty good, but SO CHEESY. Which made it really funny. And the woman was really funny when she got scared - she talked strangely, she stood there instead of running away, one time she even tried to touch the ghost (really, REALLY slowly... then it disappeared lol)! But the best part was when the husband took her to the movie scene so she could be an extras riding a horse in some cowboy movie (her life-long dream...) My friend and I were sitting on the couch talking casually because this part was really boring and the rest of the episode hadn't even been scary. All of a sudden, in the middle of the scene (for like 1/2 a second) the TV screen turned to that black and white fuzzy stuff like when the cable goes out, and we heard KCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY LOUD and we FREAKED and started screaming! Then we started laughing hysterically because it was so random and we had screamed so loud (made even funnier because we were crying since we were laughing so hard, and I kept saying "ow!" because my abs or something around there were really sore and it hurt to laugh!) We laughed all through the commercials, and when we had finally calmed down we looked back at the TV and at that exact second, it was the point when the man sees the ghost (I think it was the first time for him) and there's this blue face with huge teeth screaming, and so we freaked out again and the started laughing again... After that we were like, I wonder if that was just the TV or if it was really in the show when it went "KCHHHH!"? SO we rewinded it and watched it again, this time hugging pillows to our chests and trying not to watch to intently. We were expecting it and knew about when it was going to happen, but it still surprised us because it was so fast! We screamed louder than the first time! So, we know that it was recorded like that, but we have no idea why it happened. Though it's unlikely, if the people who made the show did that on purpose, YOU'RE GENIUSES!
  • The things stress can bring out aren't always of this world!

    Marcy and Randy work in law enforcement. They escape the stress of their lives in their sprawling home in the country. Marcy typically works a 50 hour work week and her husband does the same. Their son was in the military and shipped to the Middle East due to the war. The house in unusally quiet due to his absence. One night they wake up because there is a motorcycle accident outside their home. The man initally thought to survive his injuries dies. Marcy begins to expercience noises and footsteps around the house when no one is there. Then she begins feeling something touch her! I'd wisely be finding a new home to live in. Her husband doesn't experience anything. He doesn't understand why his usually grounded wife is suddenly seeing and hearing things. He tries to get her out of the house by being an extra in a movie being filmed in town. One day Marcy is at work when he hears someone screaming at him. He admits to Marcy he understands, that the voice was right on top of him. While filming the movie they meet the director's brother who is a paranormal investigator. He comes out to their house at Marcy's request. He realizes that there are 3 spirits in the house, that of a man and those of two women. They died decades before in an accident on the land. Marcy's fear and stress of her job and her son being in the war is causing the the male to be strong. He is keeping the females with him, his wife and daughter. The paranormal investigator tells the women that the male can't hold them any longer and crosses the two women over into the light leaving the male spirit alone. Scared now, the male spirit is afraid of the light. A scary show!
  • really scary

    One night Randy and Marcy wakes up when a fatal crash takes place in their front yard. They go about their lives the next day. Everything seems normal until one day, Marcy sees a man standing at the front door. Randy is having a hard time what Marcy is seeing since the man that she's describing has no physical form. It happens a few more times and Randy starts to think that his wife is imagining things. One day while Randy is at home he hears something that he couldn't explain. This episode is really scary, the writers really created a very entertaining episode. It's really well made.