A Haunting

Season 4 Episode 3

The Calling

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 24, 2007 on Discovery Channel

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  • When secrets can no longer be held sometimes thing happen!

    A happily married new couple, Rebecca and Daniel move into a new house with Rebecca's two sons. She harbors a secret that she hasn't told anyone for years, that she can see ghosts and communicate with them. She has successfully repressed this ability until the move to this house. She sees a young boy. At first she tries to block him but finally she accepts him. He seems harmless until he bites her! She finally tells Daniel about the ghost boy but not much else. He takes pictures of the bite and sends them to the Center of Paranormal Activity center who sends an ivestigator out. Rebecca just wants to repress the boy and hurries the investigator out. But then she sees a pilot of a P51 Mustang airplane, then an older woman, Elizabeth Pratt Jones who lost all her property and even her slaves to a magistrate who wouldn't listen to her appears to her via the radio!. Rebecca knows that this woman is from a long time ago. Rebecca and Daniel call the CPRI again whose new director is retired from NASA. He comes out to investigate. Finally Rebecca tells everything including the fact she has seen ghosts since childhood. The story is good though not too scary.
  • great episode

    Rebecca sees spirits of dead people ever since she was a little kid. One day her dad scolds her when she spoke to people who weren't there. Her dad told her to block out whatever she sees that's not there. She grows up ignoring the spirits that she sees. When she becomes a mom herself, she goes to a house with her 2nd husband and hopes to live a normal life. But as soon as she moves in, she starts seeing spirits that refuses to be ignored by her. This is a really creepy episode, the writers did a good job telling the story. It's well directed, it's a really good episode.
  • Great Episode.

    Great Episode. Though I have seen better ones. But this one was ok. But Defenitly better than the Calling. Bill and Icey move into an Apartment after being engaged. For one Month, everything is peacful. But eerie things begin to happen. Icey Encounters Ghosts and has nightmares. Bill believes her, but the entities are trying to break up their relashinship. Icey Is afraid to be home alone, she also fails a test at Colloge, with is really unusual of her. They Hire a Pshychic to figure out the Apartment's errie past. They end up fleeing in the middle of the night, never to return.