A Haunting

Season 3 Episode 10

The Dark Side

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 2006 on Discovery Channel
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The Dark Side
Bobby and Addie Wilcott hope to repair their rocky marriage, starting with a move into an historic New England house. Their new home provides a poor environment for reconciliation, with doors that open themselves and a piano that seemingly plays by itself. They can no longer ignore the paranormal events once their five-year-old is attacked by an invisible force. Ed and Lorraine Warren, noted paranormal investigators, conclude that a demonic entity being empowered by the negative energy in their relationship. The Warrens propose an exorcism.moreless

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  • A young married couple start their life anew in a haunted house!

    Bobby and Addy buy an old house that had been sitting vacant for awhile. Addy wants to keep her marriage going and buying the house to her will help Bobby grow up. The tensions from living with her mother seem to fade away as they make the move.

    An old broken piano player is left behind by the previous owners. While alone in the house Addy hears it play. Then Bobby does. The electric meter begins to do strange things even with all the power off. Doors open even when deadbolted. Unexplained noises happen. Things happens so infrequesntly however that they try to write them off. They have a baby boy they name Sterling. They do have the house blessed by their Luthern pastor. When Sterling is 5 he is over powered by the ghost. The family has turned to Ed and Lorrianne Warren who petition the Vatican for a exorcism. Steve, their student, helps save Sterling when Sterling is attacked. Realizing there isn't time for the Vatican to repond, the Warrens get Bishop McKenna to do the exorcism. A truly frightening story!moreless
  • great episode

    Bobby and Addie Wilcott purchase a new house in hopes of fixing their rocky marriage. They choose an old new england house thinking that they are getting it for a really good price. But as soon as they move in they start experiencing something strange about the home. The strange phenomenon keep on happening even though they ignore it. Bobby and Addie seeks help from a priest hoping that the hauntings will stop. It stops for a few days, but it returns, the strange sounds, and objects move by themselves as usual. This time they seek help from paranormal investigators, with the help of exorcism they get rid of the evil spirits.moreless
  • Not bad but I have seen scarier episodes

    It's a good idea. A troubled family having weird experiences where doors unlock and open, foot steps are heard when noone else is around and things fly around. I have to admit that the episode I have watched last week was better than this one. I didn't really get that jolt of fear that I like to get when I watch this show. I will admit that it would be scary for the people who are experiencing it but to me it just looked like these people just might be paranoid. At least when the doors kept opening and such but when the detergent flew across the room, I think that is something to freak a person out.moreless

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