A Haunting

Season 1 Episode 2

The Haunting of Summerwind

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2005 on Discovery Channel

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  • This one had me on the edge of my seat. I'd love to actually go there with the TAPPS group :D

    I watched this one very closely and all I could think of is how interesting it was and how bad I felt for the families involved. It would be nice to go in there with the group from TAPPS and see what they would find out. Also dig deeper into the houses past owners. I felt that I walked away from that episode wanting to know more. I am going to do my own research about it. I love old houses and this one really has something to offer the right people. Well maybe after the ghosts are gone. I will write again when I found out more about this amazing house.
  • Eh...it was alright.

    I was a little shocked that no expert was called in to investigate. But rather Ginger, who had been studying hypnosis, sent her brother and father into trances and while in them, they saw visions of the house and revealed things about it. Very freaky. But...Idk... There was just something off about this episode. (It problem doesn't help that I'm so used to the style of the later episodes, and then I start watching the first ones. Haha... Yeah not a good idea. :P Although totally unintentional.) The story was extremely creepy, and I feel sooo sorry for that poor family. :( Especially Ginger. Raising 4 kids, recently re-married, move into a house, life starts looking up, her new husband goes crazy, they're forced to move, she loses her husband because of the house (it's suspected that's why), never hears from him again, and then she and her brother and father become even more involved in the house's creepy nature. *shivers* I just sympathize them. :( Aww. But, it was a decent episode I suppose.
  • Never move into a Mansion that has been vacant for 40 years! There just might be a reason why it's been vacant that long!

    In 1969 in Wisconsin a newly married mother, Ginger, with two daughters moves into Summerwind, a huge mansion on the lake. The house hasn't been lived in for 40 years and it looks like it! Arnold, the husband, owns a construction business and says he can remodel the place. Within days the family begins to experience paranormal activity, chairs move and voices call out names. Ginger sees ghosts. She is very scared. Arnold starts to change, sleeping all day and staying up all night. Finally, he just quits working. The organ seems to be the only thing he finds any pleasure in and he plays it all night long.
    Ginger tries to act like things are okay and even invites friends over to entertain but they leave in a hurry when a apparition appears in front of them. They never speak with her again.
    With Arnold's increasing angry behavior and not working the bills pile up and the house's electric is cut. Finally she calls her dad to pick her up. She vows never to go back to Summerwind again. Arnold leaves the next day and the family never hears from him again. Ginger sells the house to a Mrs. Murray.
    While living in Canada Ginger learns her dad is purchasing Summerwind as a project for his son who has just returned from the Vietnam war. Ginger is angry with her dad and begs him not to buy the house. She has studied up on paranormal activity and reminds her dad of what happened to her in the house. Her father is skeptical.
    He buys the house and his son starts to clean it up. Every contractor he tries to get to help turns him down when they find out it's the Summerwind house. He sees something in the house that scares him so bad that he doesn't go back to the house.
    Ginger's dad visits Mrs. Murray whose husband had purchased the property in the '30's and she relates the story of the Pattersons who lived in the house until a ghost opened the basement door. Mr. Patterson shot two shots at the ghost and they ran for their lives.
    Ginger hypnotizes her brother whose voice changes and says he is strong and he despises his 7 children who are weak. Under hypnosis Ginger's dad, with his mind's eye, finds a land deed in the basement and produces a name and date of the original owner - Johnathon Carver.
    Ginger and her family go back to Summerwind to find the deed but although they find the secret place in the basement they can't find the deed.
    They never return to Summerwind again.
    In 1988 the house burns down, only a few remains remain of the haunted house on the lake.
  • excellent episode

    this episode is another scary one, it shows about a family moving into an antique house, bad idea. the house starts to show various paranormal activities the family couldn't explain. this episode really creeped me out in ways poltergeist did. this show is awesome. there's always a new haunted house, and there's always new stories each week. this one is another exciting episode to watch. it's a documentary, so we're creeped out by that, but then it's based on a true story, now that's twice the horror. perfect for a tv show. this is a good episode, i'm waiting to see the next episode.
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