A Haunting

Season 3 Episode 7

The Wheatsheaf Horror

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on Discovery Channel
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The Wheatsheaf Horror
David Guy purchased the two-hundred-year-old Wheatsheaf Pub in northern England in 2004. From the start, staff and customers reported unexplained sounds and numerous sightings of a young girl in period garb. Jokingly, the staff uses an improvised Ouija board to contact the spirits in bar. It's no longer a game when a spirit named Joseph tells them to get out or he will kill them all. Psychic Suzanna Hadwin becomes involved and learns through her "third eye" that Joseph killed the young girl, Jessica, a century ago and hid her body in a wall upstairs. It is now up to Suzanna and the staff to set Jessica free and rid the Wheatsheaf of the malevolent Joseph.moreless

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  • A man in west bolden england buys a pub called "The Wheatsheaf but later learns that its haunted by the ghosts of a young girl and a violent and angry man.moreless

    This episode was probably the best i've ever scene from "a haunting" series. I literally cried when i found out what had been done to Jessica Ann Hargreaves. It was so terrible and cruel. I hated Joseph Lewence so much that by the end i pretty much wanted to punch him. But when they found what remained of Jessica it made me happy to know that she was at rest. Finally with her family. I can watch this one episode over and over without getting bored. I just wish i could see the sketches that Lana made. Gotta watch it.moreless
  • Absolutely love "The Wheatsheaf Horror" episode of A Haunting!

    One of my favorite episodes!! Reminds me of things that have happened to me. I have always enjoyed A Haunting and "The Wheatsheaf Horror" is a definite favorite of mine! I love all the episodes that I have seen thus far and enjoy talking to people about this show. As I said things have happened to me and this show definitely helps me to understand what has happened in my life. However, I do feel sorry for that poor little girl. Nobody deserves to be murdered and I don't blame her for being stuck here! I just wish she was one of the few ghosts that stay around because they are happy in that particular place.moreless
  • Oh my gosh that poor poor little, innocent girl!!! :,,,(

    Oh my gosh that poor poor little, innocent girl!!! :,,,( That terrible man! No doubt he went to hell. But all she did was get caught witnessing a murder, and then she experienced her own timely one. :,,,( It's barbaric and indescribley evil what that b@stard joseph did to poor Jessica. I felt sorry for the psychic, Suzanna, as well. Witnessing it was horrific hor her. There's no must be about it. It was. I sympathize with the staff, and the customer that accidently got involved and became possessed by joseph too. Nightmarish experience for them all to say the least. This was a truly terrifying episode. But also a very good one. (For the suspense and storyline. NOT because of what happened in the past at the pub, but the bone-chilling adventure the pub staff and pyschics experienced.)moreless
  • A good, scary show!

    Customers at the Wheatsheaf talk about paranormal experiences. David, who bought the place in 2004, also hears unexplained footsteps and noises from the place. For a charity event he and the staff invite two psychics to give readings. The psychics, Lana and Suzanne, immediately sense a very angry presence in the old tavern. After some investigation Suzanne is able to make contact with a child who had lived in the tavern a 100 years before and was brutally murdered there. The child is afraid of another enity who is haunting the place. In order for the psychics to free the child from the tavern they must deal with the other enity - - -the one who killed the child! A very scary show.moreless
  • really good episode

    This episode takes place in England. In 2004, a man purchases the Wheatsheaf Pub in northern England, the business establishment turns out to be 200 years old. From the very beginning, customers that come in the pub reported strange sounds and sightings of a young girl wearing clothing from a different time period. The staff decides to make a ouiji board as a joke just to prove if there really is a ghost inside the pub. Big mistake, this ouiji board opens a portal for ghosts, good and bad. A psychic comes to a pub during a charity event and senses the presence of the ghosts right away. This is one creepy episode and a very good one indeed.moreless

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