A Haunting

Season 4 Episode 6

Where Evil Lurks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2007 on Discovery Channel

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  • Scary!

    Ben and Jamie Shea find a nice house outside of Little Rock Arkansas. Everything with the house is perfect except one bedroom that has the fireplace boarded up and a pentagram drawn on it. They decide to buy the house for themselves and their 3 children. Ben works nights and sleeps during the day so they hire a sitter for the baby. Ben hears the baby crying through the baby moniter and after searching realizes the sitter and baby are out. Jamie begins hearing noises like the kids playing on the stairs when they are really asleep in bed. Bridger, their other son starts hearing lots of voices in his room. His sister hears Bridger's toys go off when he's in bed with his parents.
    To get understanding on what's going on in her house, Jamie goes to the library to check out some books on the paranormal and the librarian tells her she grew up in a haunted house. The same house Jamie now lives in. She recounts the story of a little boy falling out the upstairs window to his death.
    But Jamie sees the reflection of something evil in her computer moniter and knows this isn't the little boy.
    She wrecks the car with her oldest daughter, Tori, in it and the girl suffers a broken back in 2 places. Jamie is convinced the evil spirit she felt while driving caused the accident.
    Weeks pass and Tori mends but things keep happening so they call upon some psychics who can help them. Angela, Violet and Allen set up video equipment and contact the spirits. The human spirits are from when the house was a jail, hotel and stagecoach stop but the evil spirit is from when the someone practiced witchcraft and invited the demon in. Through the use of an Ouji board they learn his name is Seth. They use sage and salt to cleanse the house. Seth is banished. For weeks everything is fine. Then one night another demon comes. The house has become a portal. The family flees. The house is sold. Another family moves in. They hear the boy ghost playing but have yet to encounter the demon.
  • I don't watch much stuff like this but being from around there I watched it. Makes you think!

    It was a very good episode. Problem I had was where exactly is it? The towns mentioned are nowhere to be found. I live in Arkansas so out of curosity I'd like to know where this area is about an hour south of Little Rock.
    Anyone know? It sounds like they're saying Markum or Marcum but no one I've spoken to has ever heard of it.
    Anyone know where this house is?
    Great show, otherwise.
    I wonder if the people that bought the house from the Shea's are still there now? I wouldn't be! Having ghosts around are one thing but having demons...well, that's something else entirely!
  • interesting show because it was filmed in the state in which I reside. I know the Spririt Seekers team who did the investigation.

    The show was very interesting because it featured people I know and places close by. It was very professionally done, however, I was disappointed that actors were used instead of the real people who did the research. The Spririt Seeker team of investigators are very professional and could have well portrayed themselves. Having said that, it was well worth watching and the filming was done in a very creative manner. I hope they will film more of "The Spirit Seekers" investigations in the future. The Spirit Seekers will be doing some investigations in the Historic town of Washington, Arkansas sometime next year. If you've not heard of Washington you can check it out at www.HistoricWashingtonStatePark.com. It is said that there is some type of Indian curse on the town. There are many, many spirits in the town.