A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

TV Tokyo (ended 2002)


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  • Very cute and lovely show

    I love almost all the characters especially sugar the really adorable and playful one like everytime she sees a walfell she yells Waffo which I think is very cute even when they start meeting eachother and even sugar loves kissing everyone so like this anime is a perfect relationship between sugar and some other girl's name and the fairy has 3 fairies and this is highly recommended even though I didn't see that many episodes, I still like it and still a cute little show for 2001/2002. A lot of people haven't seen this show but this one is definitely a must see.
  • True love.

    I watch a lot of anime and this has got to be one of the cutest shows that I have ever seen in all my days. Absolutely all of the characters are loveable. Definitely one of the finer examples of anime,out there.Before long you will find yourself walking around saying things like,"waffo".I also give it props for the heart breaking moments.This show takes you through a lot of emotions.My overall experience with the series,was that it was fun. You can walk around,and with the changing weather imagine that the little fairies are out there. I whole heartedly reccommend this show. Check it out!
  • This anime is easly entertaining, but some situations don't turn out how you want it to end up.

    Don't be fooled, but this series is much better than The Winx Club. It's called A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. An anime series that is very on the kiddy side but that's okay, because it's an anime that's full of cuteness and I LOVE cute. It's about a girl named Saga, an orphan who is raised by her grandmother and always plans schedules, hanging out with friends, working in a coffie shop, and doing very well in school. On her way home, she finds a fairy called Sugar in the rain hungry. After Saga feeds her a waffle, she starts eating it all up, Saga takes her home. That's where the real excitement begins. The art is fantastic and perfect, not too real, not too bad, perfect. Did I mention Saga's the only one who can see faries, a rival named Gretta, and these faries seem to bug her? The story is good, but when relationships go wrong with Saga and Sugar, they somehow get back together. That means the scene where they get back together; is a little disapointing.
    This anime is perfect for all ages, it has perfectly astounding charater designs, and animation. But if you can't stand some situations that Saga and Sugar get back together, too much sugar is bad for you.

    just adorable!!!
    I Love sugar she is super adorable yet really pouty at times. The characters are so well balanced. i collected all episodes so far!!!I hope to see more positive reviews in the future... the show is unbearingly sweet. great for kids and adults alike! I GIVE IT A SOLID 10
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