A Man Called Sloane

NBC (ended 1979)


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  • 'A Decent Little Show - It Was Never Given A Chance'

    'A Man Called Sloane' began life as a Quinn Martin T.V. movie entitled 'T.R. Sloane' and starred Robert ( 'Adventures Of The Wilderness Family' ) Logan as 'Thomas Remington Sloane 3', an antiques dealer who also happened to be Priority One secret agent for a U.S. counter-intelligence outfit called U.N.I.T. The main villains were KARTEL. N.B.C. President Fred Silverman commissioned a series but replaced Logan with Robert Conrad, star of 'The Wild Wild West' and 'Black Sheep Squadron'. He was better suited to the role, and did a lot of his own stunts. Another major change was the unexplained defection of the villain's henchman 'Torque' to Sloane's side! Torque came equipped with a robotic hand fitted out with various gadgets. The pilot was half-hearted in its intentions, but the series really went for the jugular - it was a light-hearted spy show in the style of the Roger Moore Bond films. Guest-stars included Roddy McDowall, Richard Lynch, Robert Culp, Clive Revill, Mako, Monte Markham and Morgan Fairchild. Only twelve episodes were made alas - in my view it deserved a longer run.
  • Robert Conrad busts some heads. Some more.

    I remember having a kinda crush on Mr. Conrad and watching ANY show he was on. I didn't notice or really care that they were essentially the same.

    That they were excuses for Mr. Conrad to hang out with stunt guys and pretend to really kick ass for a paycheck.

    That's what you'll get here: Bob Conrad kickin' ass to protect the USA from all sortsof threats. This also has the delightful (and delightfully named) Ji-Tu Kambuka. If I recall correctly, he had a big ol' steel fist! I ate this up, got a slice a bread and asked for more. (It was a Friday show, also, if I am remembering rightly.)

    If you liked any Robert Conrad show, yet missed this? Try it. It's no worse than his others shows, yet it's not as cool as Wild Wild West or Baa Baa Black Sheep. If you are lookin' for cheesy-good action from the 70s, give Mr. Conrad the chance to win ya over, punk!