A Man Called Sloane

NBC (ended 1979)


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  • 'A Decent Little Show - It Was Never Given A Chance'

    'A Man Called Sloane' began life as a Quinn Martin T.V. movie entitled 'T.R. Sloane' and starred Robert ( 'Adventures Of The Wilderness Family' ) Logan as 'Thomas Remington Sloane 3', an antiques dealer who also happened to be Priority One secret agent for a U.S. counter-intelligence outfit called U.N.I.T. The main villains were KARTEL. N.B.C. President Fred Silverman commissioned a series but replaced Logan with Robert Conrad, star of 'The Wild Wild West' and 'Black Sheep Squadron'. He was better suited to the role, and did a lot of his own stunts. Another major change was the unexplained defection of the villain's henchman 'Torque' to Sloane's side! Torque came equipped with a robotic hand fitted out with various gadgets. The pilot was half-hearted in its intentions, but the series really went for the jugular - it was a light-hearted spy show in the style of the Roger Moore Bond films. Guest-stars included Roddy McDowall, Richard Lynch, Robert Culp, Clive Revill, Mako, Monte Markham and Morgan Fairchild. Only twelve episodes were made alas - in my view it deserved a longer run.
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