A Minute With Stan Hooper

FOX (ended 2003)


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  • Can you believe they gave this idiot a second shot at a TV series?

    Please see my review of "Norm" and you'll understand why this show was doomed before it ever hit the airwaves. Five Words: Norm MacDonald is NOT funny.

    They say this review has to be 50 words long so that it can be posted. I write this paragraph only to fulfill this requirement by five words.
  • This show sucks. Never bring it back.

    You could describe this show as a piece of crap. Why did Fox ever pick up this show. The plot of the story doesn't make sense why is he living in this place and where does eh work because hes still got his show. Like what the hell. Thank goodness they pulled this show because it was a dissappointment to the world. A huge dissappointment. So when ever you see someone from the cast of this show tell them that you have been dissappointed.
  • Stan Hooper I love it but a little to smart for some people as you can see from some of the reviews posted.

    Reading the reviews of this show anybody can see that some people just have a problem with Norm Mcdonald. I think he is great his humor is smart and almost all of the characters on this show are new and funny. Fred Willard as Fred Hawkins in the show was great on of he best characters on tv at the time. The feel of the show was very comfortable to most people I've asked about it. I am not sure who has it out for Norm Mcdonald in the showbiz world, but lots of my thirty something and late twenty something aged friends would like to know so we could tell that person that he is very funny and should be on the air.
  • The show is funny it gave me a green acres feeling but norm mcdonald is funny

    I consider this show very funny and it was taken off to quick Fox didn't give it a chance really i thought it was a good new show as i'm hard to plz on sitcoms. i sadly wish i had a dvd set of it, recoomended. plz bring it back!