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  • I'm glad this show is gone,and hopefully,never returns!

    The gang was in the furtureistic times.They did not have computers when they were teens,but when they are children!?Also,this show had the type of lousy humor technique!such as the eye-popping out of the head trick.And the super speed jet-off trick.Over all,this show was the worst!Also,that lame female voice going :"Scooby,Dooby,Doo,Sco-ba-by-doo,by,do,by,doo.Sco-ba-by-doo." in the backround.I'm glad this show is trashed!
  • Trash

    I hate this show. It's one of the reasons why Scooby is trash now and why they are not making the shows with only Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne and Scrappy and the characters are out of character since this production. I also hate that they are kids.
  • Show is BAD

    The show does`nt dit with the original cast. How do I know? If the humans in the group were high schoolers and this was the early days of Scooby, he would be way older than he was or dead. Plus, the kids are to smart for their age, making them unconvincing.
  • I\'s scooby do but younger...........hugh?

    Good: uuuuummmmmmm can i get back to you on this one?

    bad: crapy acting dumb, humor, sucky storys, bad personality changes the list goes on and on

    Dear lord this show is bad. Some of the charactors have very diffrent personalitys. I mean fready is a consperisy freak and dafny is a spoiled brat. Shagy and velma get very little show time. And scooby do has about 3 jokes for the entire show. And why make them kids? Probably just a ploy by the makers to get more money. Crapy humor, bad bad acting
    and repenitave story lines equil A Pup Named Scooby-Doo.
  • This show sux !

    How come people like this show? I really hate this show, the original was amazing, this one was bad, and what's new scooby-doo was okay but this is one of my worst scooby-doo adapatation i think it has something to do with the characters being kids or pre-teens I don't remember if they said they were kids or pre-teens but some of them like Velma looks younger and shorter than a pre-teen but I think they said they were all preteens or (tweens) well, however, I just really hate this show even when I was little girl I use to always cry when this show came on and when my sister was about like 4 or 5, she was real addicted to this show and she still really loves it when she's now only 8 years old now so she's been watching it for years and years and I'm getting so sick and fed up with that. This is one of my worst shows ever ahead of the little mermaid series.
  • This show destroyed the orginal 'Scooby-Doo'!

    This show was good, but very childish. I loved 'Scooby-Doo'! but this is not as good as 'Scooby-Doo'!

    Scooby is more funnier, stupider and more likeable. This is just childish because of the cheesy monsters, easy solving and boring action!

    This show was okay, but not the best! Pup Scooby and Scooby don't match up. (even though I still watch this show)
  • Mixing the aura of Scooby Doo with the make-'em-younger conceit of Muppet Babies with the outrageous animation and irreverance of Bakshi's Mighty Mouse just doesn't click.

    Since 1969, the interchangeable storylines of the many versions of Scooby Doo has been the stuff of cartoon legendm for better or worse. There had been eleven separate Scooby shows from 1969 to the debut of A Pup Named Scooby Doo and the format remained unchanged.

    Only here, producer Scott Jeralds chose to change the design to resemble what Ralph Bakshi did a year earlier with Mighty Mouse, which on CBS was a critical hit but not a ratings hit. He made Scooby a pup and the gang elementary-school age, and the resulting alchemy just doesn't produce gold. (I digress, it was nominated for an Emmy that season.) Bakshi's writers took chances with situations, animation and dialogue that hadn't been seen on Saturday morning since George Of The Jungle (ABC, 1967-70), and with Mighty Mouse it worked since he worked with the character before in the early 1960s. It's difficult to peg such outrageous graphics to a series whose ground rules were set in stone such as Scooby Doo. The forgettable songs and accompanying dance scenes don't help.

    If there's anything to note that's truly positive, it's how well fleshed out the relationship of the gang is. Scooby is obedient to Fred and Daphne and best friends with Shaggy, but he adores Velma. And who couldn't? Here Velma is quiet, pragmatic, and very endearing. She gets as many "wet puppy kisses" from Scooby as Shaggy does.

    Among the pantheon of Scooby shows that ABC has run (after getting it from CBS), A Pup Named Scooby Doo wasn't a classic show, but in an era where TV cartoons were mainly created by network committee, it wasn't a flop, either.
  • It wasen't the best thing of sccoby-doo.

    Not too bright. The fantastic four was better than this. A few episodes are decent. It's rare for me that I would fall in lovve wit the episode. I can safelly say, this is my least favorite show yet. The first episode was the best in the series. Kinda' recamended. Go ahead and watch it. If ya' want.
  • "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo" has the same concept, only with younger, more cartoon-like characters.

    There's not alot of differences between the original Scobby-Doo and "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo", but the main reason, however, is that the characters are in their 10s. I somewhat like this change, but I still despise the repetitive line, "If it weren't for you kids and your stupid dog."

    "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo" is sure to please children fans of the original. However, adult fanatics should avoid this show as it has a less mature sense of humor and jokes that only appeal to the little ones. It's the same plot and crap, but for some reasons, it's not the same.

    "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo"'s characters, ranging from the gang to the villians, are more than enough of a bad cast. The mosters in the original "Scooby-Doo" could frighten kids while the mosters in "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo" were created to be cuter and more attractive. I hate it.

    This show never lived up to its original. Scooby-Doo may look cuter in this show, but I find the show itself to be uninteresting.
  • A pup named scooby doo has nothing new to the Franchise. The Only Differnece is that they made the Chracthers Younger.

    My 46th review after the Worst Nelvana cartoon of all time: Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. This cartoon Did not make any new things. it's the same old plot, same Scripts, and same Chrcathers. The music is Terrible, Lacky and Annoying. They had to sing Scooby dooby doo!!! 100,000 times on the dang SONG!!!!!!!! I rather get ran over by a Bullet Train down the Tokyo Subway, and get dragged over by the Train Wire, up to 500,000 Miles! rather then listening to the music! The Music SUCKS DOG BUTT!!!!! but the whole cartoon isn't that Bad. This cartoon will get a C-. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: C 6.0/10.0 There is nothing new in the Voice-acting to the Franchise. it's just the Same.

    Animation: D 4.0/10.0 The Animation is Poorly drawn and it has Ugly Washed-up Bright Colors.

    Graphics: D 4.0/10.0 The Graphics Stink too. That's what makes the cartoon so Ugly.

    Sound: F 2.0/10.0 The sound effects are good, while the theme song and the chase song is Terrible! It's lacky and it's Annoying like I said before!

    Dialouge: C-- 5.0/10.0 Nothing new still.

    Lasting Appeal: B+ 7.8/10.0 The cartoon may be ugly but it can still be decent and a bit fun to watch.

    Overall: C- 6.7/10.0 This is one of the few Hanna-Barbera Rip-offs in younger forms. There are others like: Tom and Jerry kids, The Filnstones Kids, Even This! This cartoon is not all that good. This is just a Rip-off. Do Not watch it if you don't like it.
  • A young version of Scooby and Mystery Inc. solve mysteries in a city called Coolsville.

    This series is rather interesting. Though there have been kid versions of plenty of popular shows (Looney Toons and Tom and Jerry are the other two on Cartoon Network). Though unlike in Scooby Doo, Where are you? In which they just seem to plop out a random solution, in this series they give out clues to the criminal. As far-fetched as the answers may be. The monsters range from a weredog who is supposed to be Scooby when it is the fullmoon to a ghost of a librarian who is mad at Scooby and Shaggy for not returning a book. The ghosts are always people in masks like they were in Scooby Doo, Where are you? However, the addition of the interactivity gives it a 7/10 instead of a much lower grade.
  • Extremely dorky

    A scooby-doo counterpart made for kids, the show is extremely cheesy and dorky. Its really fun to watch, (actually, its kinda embarassing). A Pup Named Scooby-Doo is one of those shows that you would only watch as an absolute complete resort when absolutely nothing is on. The show itself is more annoying than entertaining.
  • A pup named Scooby-Doo solves mysterys in Coolsville.

    The show isn't bad, but it's not very good either. Around the same time, almost every classic cartoon characters were turned by the producers into babies, kids or teenaagers.
    Scooby-Doo was also turned into his kid version or rather pup version, alongside his friends.
    The concept for the show is the same as almost all the other Scooby series. They solve a mystery, catch a thief and unmask him. And that's about it.
  • Not as good as the original, but this is an okay Scooby-Doo series.

    A Pup Named Scooby-Doo is basically the Mystery Inc. gang as kids solving cases.The plot has been done before, but since this is a spin-off of the original, I guess the plot's okay. The mysteries weren't as mysterious as in the original, but they were okay, too. This show had a lot of laughs in it, but I think it should've focused less on comedy. The mysteries were easier to solve here, and it didn't take much thought to figure it out. Okay plot, mysteries, great comedy, and okay character development, I think.
  • very good, overall

    over all the consept of a pup named scooby doo was great, i enjoyed there playfull school boy detective agincy, and there nighbehood mysteries, very good for the 80s. Very good for the smaller chuldren to enjoy, and very funey and amusing which is what we want in scooby doo. Ashame they had to cancel it, but all good things come to an end. But it was not perfect, it was a bit too childish even for chuldren, also they could have exspanded there settings, to mor than the nighbehood

    Overall i give a 7.7, for a splendid show to are history of scooby doo.
  • Why it was Scooby Doo and the gang as kids! This was a refreshing spin off of Scooby Doo compared to the same thing with a differen't title.

    This was a show about Scooby and the gang taking on mystrys as children. It was a great show in my opinion at least in scooby doo standerds because instead of just recreating more scooby doo with a different title it changed the formula up a bit and it was really refreshing. I only know about this show thanks to cartoon network and my older sister who grew up watching it and it's a great addition to the scooby family.
  • This show is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

    A Pup Named Scooby Doo is a funny show. I like the way that its taking the whole gang back to when they were kids. I really like how Velma is the person who solves the mystery mostly on her own, unlike the previous cartoons. The way is hilarious! Fred is always accusing red Herring as the culprit, which I think is funny since he never is/was, except once. I think is very good and I recomend it to you if you watch the previous cartoons.
  • A really good show, of when scooby and the gang were younger

    Since i watched the new sccoby doo movie: mystery begins. It appears they only met when they were teenagers and shaggy is older than all of them because he got held back twice, wich is why he drives the mystery machine. But overall GOOOD, as much as it was GOOD, i think scooby was really cute when he was a puppy. Im sure most people would agree that some of the characters bios are off, but now for the good things... The story line is better for kids to follow and is even suitable for all ages, im sure youll agree again when i saw that this show is more for kids though!
  • I watch this in the morning.

    It's another Scooby Doo show. So you must know a little bit about it, right? If you've watched the original and What's New Scooby Doo? then you'll like this one too. Instead of them all grown up, they're just kids solving mysteries. I do admit it's a bit repetitive, that you watch one episode you have already saw "all the episodes". So, here's how it usually goes: one person is having some sort of trouble, so the "gang" is there. They would listen to that person then set off to look for clues. The ghost, monster, whatever it is shows up probably once they found a clue. They run and hide, maybe act like a different person. That happens several times in the episode. A person shows up, which would be added as a suspect. Fast forward to the end, they gained all the clues, set up a trap (that probably won't work), then the people who hired them comes in. Fred accuses Red Herring, and Velma says who the suspect is and unmask the guy. Simple, right? Way too long for a "review".
  • A cute adorable scooby doo.... but still not as good as the original.

    A pup named scooby doo is the mysteries that Fred, Daphane, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby Doo solved before they were all grown up. While the show is good it lacks a lot of the suspense and comedy that the original offers. Yet still it makes a great show for almost any age. The characters in a younger age are nothing like what lead up to be when they grow up. Fred is a bit of a gullible magazine believer who is always blaming the monster on the bully Red Hering. Daphane is a rich, spoiled snob who really doesn't believe in ghosts, and worries way to much about how clean she is. Velma is pretty much the same, but a little more electronic and nerdy. Shaggy and Scooby are pretty much the same, but they are HUGE comic book geeks. All in all if you don't want much of a mystery, but a goofy bunch of kids trying to solve one then a Pup Named Scooby Doo is for you.
  • The kiddie version of the original.

    This is obviously Scooby Doo as kids. Everyone is around 10. Because of that, the adventures are adjusted to that. There are also different recurring characters such as Red Herring. This is definitely a show to watch if you like the old Nickelodeon cartoon from the 90s such as "Angry Beavers" and
    Rocko's Modern Life".
  • You must be pretty crazy if you saw this as a kid and did not like it.

    I still like to watch A Pup Named Scooby-Doo even though I am not a child any longer. I grew up watching A Pup named Scooby-Doo, I even watched it at the age of 3. Granted, the series is not better than the original Scooby-Doo series or any other series but it is really cool. As a kid I really enjoyed this show. It is funny and there is always really good plots and stories. The monsters were always great and I remember them as much as I do Fred, Daphne, Velma, Scooby, and Shaggy. If you like 80's cartoons or just like Scooby-Doo then I recomend this series to you. Be warned that it is clearly aimed at kids so if you an older person it may be hard to get into.
  • Scooby and the gang are itty bitty cute kids and puppy

    As a kid show this is just too cute and oddly entertaining. Every show has a catchy song a little ones can dance to...I did when I was little. Freddie is a dummy, Daphne is vain, Velma is quietly a genius, and Shaggy and Scooby are...Shaggy and Scooby.

    The show is more silly than the others so it's better for a younger audience. There is also another character named Red Harring who Fred always suspects to be the baddie but never is. Reds just a bully. However the kitty-ness of the show is what makes it an 8.5 instead of a 10. The animation is pretty good but the fact that it is targeted at a much younger audience and tends to give you a headache if you watch too many episodes at once.
  • Not as good as the regular scooby doo, but it still great.

    I thought that this was a decent show even though I don't think it was as great as the original scooby doo. I thinkthe original had some very thick and more orginized plots than this scooby doo. This is still a great show even though the original is much better. BUt most people don't think thisshow is great just probably because they thought the original is better, but its not comparing to a different show, this is comparing to just the show its self.
    Yeah this is still a great show that I wish would come back so it can bring joy to kids!
  • My favorite of all the Scooby Doo shows

    this is one of my favorite cartoons growing up, it was real corny and cheesy but it was very funny and entertaining nonetheless. It shows the Mystery Gang as kids, which was a good thing for this show. I liked the recurrence of Red Herring, he was a funny character and I laughed every time he came up in an episode. Overall, this is why i like the show, because yes it is corny, but it is also very funny with original plots that have not been done before. My grade is an A- because it could have been better
  • Great Show

    Puppy Scooby-Do and his four young friends have a knack for getting involved in mysteries ranging from bicycle theft to bank robbery. Never mind that Scooby-Doo's gang is barely old enough to enroll in elementary school! Fred takes an enthusiastic lead with his often far-fetched theories, while Daphne is most concerned about getting messy. Shaggy is laid-back and easily spooked and Velma, though a tyke of few words, exhibits a very busy intellect. Scooby-Do, who bears almost no resemblance to the often-annoying Scrappy-Doo some viewers may be familiar with, performs for Scooby Snacks. What's unique to the A Pup Named Scooby-Doo series is that the ghosts and monsters are slightly less scary, the clues are more obvious, and Velma walks young viewers through the process of figuring out the identities of the thieves just prior to their revealing.
  • I loved it!

    This was a great spinoff from Scooby-Doo. It was cool seeing Scooby and the gang as kids. Their mysteries weren't as exciting or mysterious, but they were still fun to watch! The monsters/ghosts/aliens/things were more kid-friendly and goofy. Their intentions were also kiddish (if that's a word). I enjoyed the series very much. They kept their personal traits for example, Daphne was still fashionable and rich, Velma was still smart and nerdy, Shaggy was laid back and afraid of everything, Freddy was still a leader, and Scooby-Doo was, well, Scooby! A Pup Named Scooby-Doo was a great show, so I give it a 9.
  • Perhaps the Best Scooby Doo Show Ever! Can't wait until the series is on DVD.

    This is my favorite Scooby Doo Cartoon and my second favorite overall cartoon.

    The show follows the lives of Norville "Shaggy" Rodgers and his friends, Freddy Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, and of course Shaggy's dog, a pup named Scooby Doo! Together they're "The Scooby Doo Detective Agency"

    In each episode, the gang trys to solve a new mystery with a new moster. The show had a three season run and lasted from 1988 to 1990. It was the last Scooby Doo Series until What's New Scooby Doo? aired just a few years ago. Even after it ended it still aired reruns on Cartoon Network up until 2005. Fans of this show can still catch it occasionally on Boomerang and it is also coming out on DVD.

    My Rating:
    9.0 - Superb

    Favorite Episode: "Dog Gone Scooby"
    Favorite Character: Scooby Doo

    My Thoughts:

    I think this show was really good. It didn't have many bad episodes. The whole Red thing got a little old after a while, and I didn't really like the Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt episodes.
  • There are 4 kids and a talking dog that live in just a little town and are all friends. They call themselves mystery inc. because they solve the mysteries that pop up in their town.

    This show is very inlightening and i think that it has a moral at the end that u have to look for to find. The characters are all very intresting in their own way. Velma is very intresting because she is like a genious for her age and she always seems to catch on to things that the rest of the team overlooks. Fred is like the leader of the team. He is the studd and he loves Daffnie. He always splits them up gives out the orders and has the plan. Daffnie loves fred. She is the little rich girl that when she calls for him her butler comes to do whatever she says. Shaggy is Scooby's owner. They are always hungry and always really scared. ALL characters ALWAYS where the same clothes.
  • A pup Named Scooby Doo is GREAT!!!

    This show is just like the old Scooby Doo but they are kids!. IT is a very good and funny show over all if you like the old Scooby Doo show. Fred is a bit annying but still very like able. This show has some very cool songs as well and the beggining of the show is just amazing with how cool it is! I used to wacht this show every dat when the show first came out. Every now and then you come arcoss one that is not to good but it is like that with just about anything. I hope you guys enjoy this show!
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