A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila - Season 1

Tuesday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Oct 09, 2007 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • A Shot at Love: The Final Round
    Tila will reunite with the people she sent home during the competition.
  • A Shot at Love: The Hangover - The Last Two
    Bobby and Dani stop by to talk about their time on the show. Tila has a special video just for the winner.
  • I Choose...
    I Choose...
    Episode 10
    Dani and Bobby's family arrives at the house to help Tila decide who she will choose.
  • One Shot Too Many
    One Shot Too Many
    Episode 10
    A recap of what has happened with special guest, Tila Tequila.
  • Three's A Crowd
    Three's A Crowd
    Episode 9
    Tila and the final 3 go to Cancun, Mexico. Tila then has the tough job of sending 1 person home, but will she have the heart to send someone home?
  • A Shot at Love: The Hangover - The Blonde
    Amanda stops by to discuss her time on the show.
  • Welcome to the Family!
    Tila travels around the world to meet the remaining four contestant's family.
  • A Shot At Love: The Hangover - The Jersey Boy
    Can't get enough Tila? This time, they'll talk to Ryan about his experience on the show.
  • A Shot at Love: The Hangover - Domenico Dives In
    Can't get enough Tila? Domenico stops by to talk about the experience he had on the show!
  • A Second Chance?
    A Second Chance?
    Episode 7
    After Brandi decides to leave, five contestants remain. This week, they must fight for Tila's love in a challenge that involves a chocolate pool. In the end, Tila sends 1 more person home.
  • The Cat Fight
    The Cat Fight
    Episode 6
    The final 8 contestants fight for Tila's heart. This time, Tila has all 8 eat disgusting food where the winner gets a date with Tila. Then, Tila must send 2 more contestants home, which causes the second fight during elimination.
  • A Shot at Love: The Hangover - Brandi Stops By
    Can't get enough Tila? Brandi stops by to talk about the fight between herself and Vanessa.
  • I Always Get What I Want
    10 houseguests remain and this time they must wash a car in the most creative way, where the winning team will get a Spa day out with Tila. The losing team, however, must camp outside for the night. Then, Tila pits guys against girls in a challenge that involves a spinning chair and glasses. Then, Tila sends 1 guy and 1 girl home leaving 8 people still with a shot at love.moreless
  • A Broken Heart
    A Broken Heart
    Episode 4
    With 12 houseguests remaining, Tila has her 1st annual Bi-Athalon to pit males against females, in which the winning team will decide to go to Heaven or Hell with Tila. Then, Tila has everyone give her a massage, where the 2 people who did the best job will get alone time with Tila. Then, Tila sends 2 people home.moreless
  • Under the Covers
    Under the Covers
    Episode 3
    17 people remain, and must once again fight for Tila's love, but this time, they must do it over a slumber party that involves Spin-the-Bottle. Tila must then send home 5 more people.
  • Can't We All Just Get Along?
    Now that Tila's secret is revealed, the guys and girls must fight for her love involving competitions. Marcus and Ashley get into a fight over something stupid while Rebecca consoles Tila. Someone is so shocked over the news of Tila's bisexuality, that they decide it's best they leave the house. The guys must "walk a mile in women's shoes" but putting on high-heels, and the girls must do 20 push-ups. Afterwards, the remaining contestants search through foam for a chip that will reserve them a spot to get special alone time with Tila. Tila then eliminates 4 more people and invites the remaining people into her house.moreless
  • Surprise! I Like Boys And Girls
    Internet personality Tila Tequila invites female and male suitors to live in a mansion and then they compete in tasks for her affection.