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Andrew Lofland and Zelda Vasco will date for eight months, three weeks, five days and one hour. This television program is the comprehensive account of their relationship from A to Z. With these words, narrator Katey Sagal introduces NBC's new romantic comedy which stars Ben Feldman and Cristin Milioti.


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    • a show that grew over time, then died

      Two episodes in, I described this series as a cute little trifle. It came out about the same time as another romantic comedy series, Marry Me, which had a far superior pilot.

      But over time my feelings changed. While Marry Me was a conventional sitcom where no one changes, A to Z really grappled with what it means to be in a serious relationship, portraying with humor and intelligence the sort of issues that can come up when you're in love but still unsure where things are headed.

      The show also got funnier as it went along, primarily because of the increased role of the non-friend office characters. It's a shame it was cancelled.

      My original review:

      I've seen two episodes so far, and I'm enjoying the show, which is funny and sweet. The weakest aspect is the guy's side-kick, because while the character is being portrayed as girl-obsessed and smarmy, he actually comes across to me as possibly gay. I'm not saying the actor is gay, but he seems like an odd casting choice unless they're planning a future episode where it turns out his obsession with women is just him overcompensating.

      I also feel the show's little premise is trying so hard to be clever that it's gone all the way round to dumb. Each show begins with this thing about how this couple dated for such and such a time, and this is the comprehensive story of their relationship. I think they think this means that they're leaving it up in the air whether they break up or get married, but comprehensive relationship would include marriage so by the logic of the statement they will definitely break up in the amount of time specified. There is certainly a more elegant way to have phrased it, but it's too late now.moreless
    • Charming

      The main problem with this show is that it didn't do as well with the humor as it could have. Other than that, you have a pretty interesting show. It might have been fairly obvious from the very beginning what they were going to do with this whole show. There's probably enough movies that are like this in some way. But a show like this had a certain charm to it that I liked. It might have lasted longer given different circumstances, but what they did with the show was pretty good in the end.moreless
    • Very bummed

      This was light romantic fluff, but I definitely enjoyed it. I think it was hitting it's stride toward the end, but perhaps it's best to have just a short version and leave it at that. Perhaps because I was missing the presence of Ann Perkins in Parks and Rec.

    • P is for Pretty Good

      This wasn't the best show, mostly because at the beginning there was way more rom than com, but once the supporting cast (specifically Big Bird) got more screen time, the show improved. Andrew was pretty so-so, Zelda was kind of good, and the supporting cast was great, except Stuff, who I would put between Andrew and Zelda's level. I wish we had gotten to Z, but A to M was pretty good.moreless
    • Sad to see it canceled

      I'm actually sad that A to Z is canceled. I liked the characters and enjoyed the laughs. It was a very neat show to just kick back and chill with. Boo!

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