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Welcome to the A Touch of Frost guide at TV.com. Detective Inspector Jack Frost is a disorganised DI for the Denton Police Force and will do anything to see that justice is done, even if he has to break the rules.


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    Sidekick killed as Frost signs off

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    • A Touch of Jason.

      The Touch of Frost series are outstanding. In particular, the interplay between Jack Frost (David Jason) and his boss "Horn-rimmed Harry" are brilliantly observed and often very funny. There is usually an interesting relationship with his sidekick, who changes with each episode. One of the best things about the programme is the way it doesn't patronise the viewer: the characters, especially Frost, are shown as very imperfect. It's also not afraid to end on a melancholy note; Frost, after all, is something of a tragic figure.

      I've seen 2nd and 3rd repeats of these, and they're still enjoyable, which is saying something for TV films. Jason is a superb actor, best known for a comedy in the UK (Only Fools and Horses) rather than serious drama, and his comedy touch is superb.

      For anybody who delights in engrossing stories and exquisite human characterisation rather than standard police show cliches, Touch of Frost is exceptional. I can't recommend it highly enough.

    • Review of A Touch of Frost... David Jason is the Tough disorganised D.I William "Jack" Frost. Always breaking rules to see that justice is done, has me thinking, if all police officers did that, there would be clean streets.moreless

      This episode of A Touch Of Frost is very entertaining, because it shows some of D.I Frost's dark side. But in the end Jack Frosts sees that justice can be made even if he has to break the department rules to see the case to completion. Jack is very good friends with D.S George Toolan, a veteran police officer, who always backs-up Frost whenever he is heading into trouble, a very loyal and valuable friend. Frost's commanding Officer is Superintendent Mullet, a very buy the book guy, but always has time for Frosts theory's on cases and his outrageous ideas.moreless
    • Extremely well done episode

      I've been following the series since its start. There have been a lot of good episodes, I can honestly say I can't recall a bad one.

      Eventhough it was clear who did it and didn't do it, the story was very well executed. David Jason is still in a good form, and his sarcasm is still what makes me love this character a lot. As it's also pretty emotional, also seeing Frost as he made a terrible mistake. He's not one to take these things likely, which makes it a really good police officer, he's got a big mouth, but he's got a heart as well !!!

      Looking forward to next season. Still need to watch the other 2 episodes from this year, received the DVD box last week !!!moreless
    • I love this show! It's one of the best dramatic shows that I've seen in quite some time, with splashes of humor thrown in for good measure. That's only partly why 'A Touch of Frost' is such a good tv show.moreless

      David Jason does the author's character, Jack Frost, justice, with his portrayal. He adds humor and pathos to him, thereby making him that much more of a realistic character and a better policeman overall.

      That's what gives this show flavor overall -- just seeing that irrevelant humor every now and then, helps to make the show worth watching. The chemistry within the cast is good as well, they seem to get along well and they're all good actors. I look forward to seeing every new episode that comes out on dvd, due to all of that.

      One of my favorite scenes was in either season nine or ten (pardon me if I got the season wrong -- it's been a while since I've seen them), when Jack got the promotion (even though he threw away the infamous "Grey Mullet" -- that was one of my favorite running gags from that show, it never failed to make me laugh) and as he was leaving the show, everyone saluted him. It was a class act all the way, and I loved how he kept the picture of himself in dress uniform, it showed how much he had grown as a character.

      Hopefully the new season will come out soon enough on dvd, so I can again watch Frost and company go after the bad guys with class and style.moreless
    • classic from the start to whenever it finnishes

      overall A Touch of Frost is a classic, it deserves to be rememberd as a great detective show. Firstly, the show has a warmth about it when you wacth it, you want to be there, the shows were very well writern, and not to complecated so norma people can understand, but not to easy so that it becomes boring.

      Inspector frost is played by a great actor, frost is both hard hitting but also has a soft side that you see around the other police officers. Saying that i only gave him a 9.1 and not a ten because,the story line did go on a bit.Ovrall brillmoreless

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