A Touch of Frost

Season 10 Episode 2

Close Encounters

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 2003 on ITV

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  • All that eating pays off!!

    All I know is that after 9 seasons of Frost's voracious appetite, all that take away finally comes in handy. The fact that every delivery scooter knows him by sight and immediately helps him give chase on a burglary suspect made me smile ear to ear. Might be worth the whole series for that scene right there.
  • Great episode of Frost. So good to see the character DS Hazel Wallace back with a baby.

    This episode of A Touch of Frost was wonderful! David Jason as Frost was terrific. Frost was his typical grumpy, nonconventional self. It was a delight to see Caroline Harker as DS Hazel Wallace. Hazel is back with a baby this time. John Lyons as DS Toolans is good as always. Jim Sturgess did a terrific job as an autistic young man, who thinks that he sees UFOs. Jim could have overdone his character, but he did not. Frost's boss seems to have mellowed over the years. Mullet is listening to Jack and relying on him. The writers do not have Mullet yelling at Frost as he did in the past. He seems to have given up trying to reform Jack. This was a thoroughly enjoyable episode. The only thing wrong is that there are just too few episodes per year now.