A Touch of Frost

Season 13 Episode 1

Endangered Species

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2006 on ITV

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  • Frosts personal life has always been interesting, bearing in mind that hes not an easy person to deal with. But instead of a deeper look, we get a kind of burlesque "oh-no-i-just-missed-the-date-that-i-promised-not-to-do-again" thats no fun.

    Frost and his sidekick Presley, who also rents a room in Frosts house, gets a phonecall from a well known, lowlife criminal who ends up dead. At the scene of the crime they find a lot of endangered animals including a crocodile that chases them around. The concept of bringing an important subject into a crimeshow is common but in this case it takes over the whole episode. We get lectured about animal smuggling and the portraits of the villians are all black and white. Getting lectured isnt allways bad and i totally agree that animal smuggling is a big problem but when you get it written on your nose it feels like you are attending a wildlife seminair, not watching a crimeseries. It can work, but here it doesnt.
    And Frosts lovelife? What started as an interesting story in a previous episode gets lost in the big "we need to make it funny" void and what could have been a deeper look into the soul of Frost just gets stupid.
    As you all understand im a bit disappointed. Frost can be so much better than this. Lets hope the next ones a classic!