A Touch of Frost

Season 10 Episode 1

Hidden Truth

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2003 on ITV

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  • Multiple intrigue with a hired killer stalking a key witness, another killer hired as a distraction, deadly rivalry within the Armed Response Team and treachery in the CPS ranks. All in all an excellent episode.

    No explanation for a very dramatic start with an attempted murder. Reasons soon become clear and it is very effective opening sequence.
    Throughout the episode you are kept on tenter-hooks as the professional killer stalks a key witness in a murder trial. Sub plots of a red herring \"killer\", romantic infidelity among the ranks of the Armed Response team, another murder which has set up written all over it and betrayal within the ranks of the legal team all add to the tension. The re-introduction of Terry Reid as Frost\'s foil is a great move as he is as down to earth as the old man himself. Excellent episode which I could not wait to end but was disappointed when it was over.