A Year in the Life

NBC (ended 1988)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Love Mother
      Love Mother
      Episode 22
    • Peter Creek Road
      Peter Creek Road
      Episode 21
    • The Politics of Being
    • Glory Days
      Glory Days
      Episode 19
    • Common Ground
      Common Ground
      Episode 18
    • Fathers and Other Strangers
    • The Go-Between
      The Go-Between
      Episode 16
    • Goodbye to All That
    • At the Last Moment, Enormous Changes
    • Sometimes It's Hard to Remember
    • The Little Disturbance of Man
    • While Someone Else Is Eating or Opening a Window
    • So Much Water So Close to Home
    • I Think You Know Something I Don't Know
    • In Dreams Begin Responsibilities
    • Acts of Faith
      Acts of Faith
      Episode 7
    • E.M. 7, Grizzlies Minus 3 1/2 for a Nickel (a.k.a. E.M. 7, Raiders...)
    • What Do People Do All Day?
      Joe assembles his family after mustering the courage to propose to Alice; Anne is a bundle of nerves while teaching Sunny to drive; and Kay is pressured into taking her co-worker's advice before meeting with a potential buyer.
    • Dixie Chicken
      Dixie Chicken
      Episode 4
      Anne is visited by her ex-boyfriend from her college years, Brian McGinn, a man who left her for her best friend. Brian is divorced now, as is Anne, and they find they have much in common. Anne allows herself to be open to a romance, but when an intimate moment almost leads to a kiss, Brian pulls away. In the end, Brian visits Anne to confess that he has AIDS and is just trying to visit everyone from his past that he loved and put things right, and that he must move on. Kay is being mentored in her real estate career by Joanne, a driven and successful realtor. Kay is shocked when Joanne lies to potential house-buyers to get them to raise their bid by $7500. Kay confesses her shock to her husband Sam, who tells her such behavior is "just business," and that Joanna didn't force the people to buy. Kay also admits that she feels out of her league against Joanne, who drives a Mercedes to show her clients around. Sam approaches his father Joe for a raise so that he can buy Kay a better car. Joe refuses the raise until Sam's annual review six months later, but Sam finds a way to buy a shocked Kay a BMW. Lindley is a successful businessperson, working for her father Joe in his factory, but she feels she's missing too much of her infant daughter's life. When a business-related task forces her to miss baby Ruthie's first time crawling, she talks to her husband Jim about quitting her job and becoming a stay at home mom.moreless
    • What Do You Think Love Is?
      David and his uncle Jack go on a fishing trip together, but their much-anticipated male bonding adventure turns tragic when Jack hits a stray dog on the drive to the lake. The collie is near death, but David insists that they take her back to their cabin to nurse her back to health. When Jack tries to convince David to go fishing with him the next morning, David's temper flares and he accuses his uncle of being selfish and cruel. Jack ends up fishing by himself and when he returns to the cabin, David tearfully admits to him that he had to suffocate the dog with a pillow to put her out of her misery. Back at home, Sam has invited his father Joe to dinner with his new wife Kay, saying that Kay was the one who invited Joe. But the invitation was just a ruse to get Joe and Kay together, since Kay is still terribly nervous around Joe. Kay frantically tries to make plans for the dinner, going overboard in her preparations for Joe, who admits he would have been happy with a hamburger. Sure enough, Sam calls late and tells Kay that he has missed his boat home and won't be able to make it. Kay's dinner then proves to be a disaster, so Joe takes her out to eat and tells her embarrassing stories about Sam when he was a child to put her at ease. Joe's daughter Lindley is having troubles of her own with her husband Jim regarding their 7-month old daughter Ruth. Lindley pushes Jim into submitting to an interview with a snooty upper-class preschool administrator. And Jim is pressing Lindley to accompany him to Ruth's Jewish baby-naming ceremony, a ritual that means a lot to him. Lindley puts Jim off, refusing to make a decision to attend because she's only recently converted to Judaism in order to marry him, so Jim ends up going to the ceremony on his own. Jim is hurt by her failure to attend, and Lindley tries to explain why she did it. But things remain tense between them until Jim catches Lindley quietly reading the naming ceremony on her own with Ruth cradled in her arms.moreless
    • Things You Should Know Before and After
      Jack has applied to become a Seattle police officer, and has done very well with all of his tests so far, scoring in the 96th percentile. But in his psychological exam, he admits that he attempted using pot and cocaine in his past, unaware that this admission would doom his application. He is ultimately rejected, and in a drunken haze meets up with two police buddies who encouraged him to apply and instigates a brawl with them. His father, Joe, later picks him up at an all night diner, and Jack confesses his mistake. Joe has been having troubles with his neighbor Bob, who is angry that Joe's dog Max continually leaves droppings on Bob's lawn. The conflict quickly escalates to a small claims court case that Bob presses against Joe. The exasperated judge who gets the case tells Joe that he needs to keep Max leashed, which Joe is reluctant to do since Max has had free rein for his entire life, so Joe offers to put up a fence. Joe's granddaughter Sunny feels pressured by high school peers to take the plunge and have sex. She agrees to a date with Gus, who she claims not to really be interested in, and later encourages him to have sex with her. The experience is not enjoyable, and the next day, Sunny is angry with her mother and tells Gus that she doesn't want to ever see him again. When Sunny's mother realizes what has happened, she admits the circumstances of her first time having sex, and it was just as impersonal and forgettable, something that her mother had wanted Sunny to avoid.moreless
    • Don't I Know You from Somewhere?
  • Specials