Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

Nickelodeon (ended 1997)


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  • Better than Mighty Son Of A B!

    This was another good classical Nicktoon that crapped-out Nickelodeon had to cancel. it was the third best Klasky-Csupo cartoon next to The Simpsons and Duckman. I loved Ickis, he got himself into all sorts of trouble while trying to scare someone(much like Mike, from Monsters Inc). Krumm is sort of a creepy, but funny character. Krumm's eyeballs are not attached to his body, because he holds them in his hands. Olbina is a rich black and white monster that looks like a worm. The Gromble is the teacher, ehh... he wasn't too important. The Snorch is a big disabled monster who punishes the students who break the rules.There was another monster who looks like a bee with a hairy leg with green hair.Simon is the monster that tries to capture Ickis for some reason, I don't like him! He tries and tries and always fails. Why didn't he give up? He's my least fave of the show (much like Plankton). Overall, a good classical Nicktoon but had some potty humor at times. I could see how this show was related to The Simpsons.

    Final Grade: B

    Would be A+ if it didn't have potty humor *cough* Ren & Stimpy.
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