Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

Season 1 Episode 1

The Switching Hour

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 29, 1994 on Nickelodeon
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Even though Gromble told them not to, Ickis, Krumm and Oblina went out on a Halloween night. They had to deal with the consequence: Ickis was accidentally switched with a boy who had an Ickis costume.

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  • Great!

    The Switching Hour- Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Review- - Even though Gromble told them not to, Ickis, Krumm and Oblina went out on a Halloween night. They had to deal with the consequence: Ickis was accidentally switched with a boy who had an Ickis costume. This was a good pilot episode and I also thought this episode was one of the best episodes in the whole intire series of this show. I also think the beginning is really good to. . . .

    lol factor 8/10 80% Average/Good

    Animation 10/10 100% Very Good

    point of the episode... 9.5/10 95%

    Final Score 9.5/10 95% Really Goodmoreless
  • Great way to start off the series.

    This is a great first episode. It's when Ickis, my favorite charcter on the show, who is also the main charcter of this great series, enters the real world to eat some garbage. When there,a little kid sees him. He tries to tell his brother, but he makes fun if him because he looks like a bunny rabbit. Back in the real world, the Gromblw quits their annual Halloween scare-a-thon due to their low test scores. A group of monsters talk about going out after all, which incourages Oblina and Krumm to go. Ickis chickens out, but they still go anyway. In the real world, Nicky, the kid who saw Ickis, dresses up as him.

    And that's the plot. What makes the first act great is watching how Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm react to this unexplored world, like how they act at a party or how they approach trick or treating, or as they say, prick your feet". The episode's climax occurs when Ickis walks into Nicky's older brother and his friends' TP raid, when one of his brother's friends confuses Ickis for Nicky and takes him in, while Oblina and Krumm do the very same thing with Nicky.

    The next act continues to develop upon the show's oddball humor, as we see the two develop into these completely different schools. And that's it for now.moreless
  • Awsome!

    Even though It's the only episode I seen(or remember seeing...). I can't belive that the first episode of this series was an Halloween special. But I can belive that they think pennys are good and candy is better. Ickis and the Gromble voice sound the same but aren't. Bad, really bad, or you don't want to know, sounds like a good punishment to me(I wonder what was in #3 though. my favorite monster is Ickis(man, he's cool-how he can thansform from a long haired monster, into a little kid. school, Halloween, or eatting pennys, they're still the best cartoon from Klasey-Clupo(or, however you spell it.).moreless
  • This first episode was great!

    I loved Aaahh!!! Real Monsters and i loved this very first episode i agree with darklordavaitor it was a great way to start the series and it was a halloween episode it should be since this show is about monsters scaring the living hell out of humans.Yes,Ickis did sound different here and he did'nt have his usual high pitched funny voice and he acted more mature as well.Also,this episode did'nt have Oblina being a jerk to Ickis and Krumm she was dead nice to them and honest as she should do she should of been like this more often in the series not only this is the first episode but this is my favourite episode in the whole series it also cracked me up.moreless
Tim Curry

Tim Curry

voice of Zimbo

Gregg Berger

Gregg Berger

voice of The Gromble / The Viewfinder

Cynthia Mann

Cynthia Mann

voice of Dizzle

Beverly Archer

Beverly Archer

voice of the Library Monster

Marcia Strassman

Marcia Strassman

voice of Hairyette

Christine Cavanaugh

Christine Cavanaugh

voice of Oblina

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    • (Ickis who is dressed like Nicky is in detention)
      Boy: What are you in for?
      Ickis: (reading his note) "Disrupting class."
      (everyone in detention laughs)
      Boy: (sarcastic) Ohh, disrupting class.
      Girl: The little wimp disrupted class.
      Boy: Huh, like this? (shakes the desk Ickis is sitting in wildly)
      Girl: Like this? (fires a spit ball at Ickis)
      Ickis: More like THIS! (bites off the chair from the desk that the boy is sitting and everyone was surprised)

    • (Oblina, Krumm, and Nicky who is dressed like Ickis are out in the hallway)
      The Gromble: Well, well, well. And what are we doing out after curfew?
      Krumm: Ickis is sick. H-He needs some air.
      The Gromble: Sick? Oh, he doesn't look ill to me. In fact, he looks more robust then ever. Now get back inside BEFORE I SEND SNORCH TO TUCK YOU IN!

    • Ickis: If I had a rat for every time I disobeyed the Gromble I would have...a lot of rats.

    • The Gromble: You also know the results of last week's mid-terms are in and you poss-mongers have really let me down this time. How hard could it be to scare the pants off an eight year old? (pulls out pink pants with flowers) THIS was all you came up with?!

    • Jake: (After Nicky saw Ickis) Nicky, can you say "bunny rabbit"?

    • Teacher: Today, Nicky will tell about his house, Nicky?
      Ickis: (dressed as Nicky) My house? Let's see, it's got the best trash you would ever find! (kids laughing) There's enough maggots, and broken car parts, and chicken bones to feed a family for weeks! (kids continue laughing) I live in a filthy disgusting dump! (kids still laugh a lot)

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