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  • the show is awsome

    i think this show is cool i don't understand what is wrong with the channel disney xd because you can't expect to watch the same old shows for year i love shows like spider-man the animmated series, x-men the animated series and the spectacular spider man so if you do not ike don't like it why watch but i think it is cool awsome and very graphic. I has a great lineup of shows and it has mini marathons, shows that i have not seen in a very long time i think that disney xd is a good and great channel
  • I am pleasantly surprised.

    Let me start by saying that I know bad television. After being raised in the years that such sucky shows as Harvey Birdman, Pucca, A.T.O.M., and Dragon Booster were created, that's pretty much guaranteed. So when I first saw the trailers for a new show about a 16-year old gamer who is recruited to become the real life incarnation of the avatar that he controls in the game, I was understandably skeptical. However, I'll also say that I know good television when I see it (the result of having also had the pleasure of viewing such shows as W.I.T.C.H., the Spectacular Spider-Man, and Justice League). So, seeing that Aaron Stone might have some potential as an enjoyable diversion from the usually dismal productions of the Toon Disney/ Disney XD enterprise (Zeke and Luther, I see ou out there), I chose to watch the Pilot episodes. I was pleasantly surprised. As is un-common in most Disney shows, Aaron Stone managed to serve up just the right amount of action, suspense, drama, and romance; all while making me eager to see the next episode. Furthermore, Aaron Stone accomplished a feat which I have only seen performed by a few television shows during my career as a laid-back television jockey: the production of a second season that is even better than the first one. When I watched the two-part season two event- damage control- I was taken aback. It delivered more action, intrigue, mystery, and adventure than any episode in season 1 (and they didn't skip out on the hot girls either (Bryn McAuley, you have a future as a model)). The rest of season two has shown no sign of slowing down the fun either. So I say, stick you, Disney XD, and your so-called all comedy movement. On with Aaron Stone season 3 and, dare I say it, 4 as well.
  • i thought this was a going to be good but i was wrong

    So when they got rid of toon disney (and brought out disney xd) i thought this was a way to get old disney channel shows that were not cartoons which they sort of did. But instead they made some new shows and when i saw this shows commercial i thought it looked cool. Then i watched it and was sad to say that disney xd has no good shows on. Only if phineas and ferbr kick buttowski is on. So aaron stone is a nerd that plays a videogame that makes him turn into a superhero because he is good at the game. An unoriginal plot that has been done before (nerd turns superhero). It is so stupid not cool to watch. Aaron is not even that strong and not really a good super hero im sorry but this is pretty bad.
  • Fab show

    this show is great. and i dont think disney xd should stop showing it. i think they should have a season 3 as well. this is one of my favourite shows and i think disney xd shouldnt replace it with one of their lame comedies. however if they do decide to stop showing it, it should be able to be viewed on a different channel.
    ]im living in the uk and so i havent finished watching all the episodes however i know it ends at episode 13 and i think it is stupid that they have decided to stop showing the programme.
  • Decent, sure to be loved by 10 year old boys. As for the rest of us...

    Charlie Landers/Aaron Stone isn't your typical teen spy/super-hero; he was selected to be a spy/hero because he's good at playing a video game! That's right, as it turns the game, Hero Rising, depicts (with a stunning lack of leagal issues)real life events and villians and now Charlie (who despite being total couch-type is a basketball player and knows how to go hand-to-hand:P) must save the world from a plot by several gentically altered cooperation leaders, keep his secret from mother, brother, and the girl next door (though newer episodes and promos reveal/hint that the later two are/will be supero heros themselves) and be protected by humoid anroid S.T.A.N. Is case you didn't already catch on this show is pretty cheesy at times and anyone over the age of twelve will have a hard time dealing with the sometimes slow paced episodes, poorly concieved ideas, and suurealism. While I really can't say I buy into the effects, given the nature of the show they could be a lot worse and on SOME occasions DO look pretty good. The stunts are done well. Again, I can't say I buy into to them, but they look good. If you're a boy and you're ten you'll love this show, if you're a teenager you'll avoid it, if you're Disney XD you'll sit back and cash in on it. Enough said.
  • Disney XD's first original series!

    Aaron Stone is an amazing show. I never expected to be as into it as I am. The plot is not the most original but its fresh and easy for me to relate to because I love video games. All of the characters are very likable so far. Charlie is a good main character and the action scenes in the show are pretty good as well. STAN is hilarious! I find myself laughing at him in about every scene he's in. I'm looking forward to seeing how the show will progress because it's off to an awesome start. If only video games could actually be reality!