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Disney XD (ended 2010)





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  • I am pleasantly surprised.

    Let me start by saying that I know bad television. After being raised in the years that such sucky shows as Harvey Birdman, Pucca, A.T.O.M., and Dragon Booster were created, that's pretty much guaranteed. So when I first saw the trailers for a new show about a 16-year old gamer who is recruited to become the real life incarnation of the avatar that he controls in the game, I was understandably skeptical. However, I'll also say that I know good television when I see it (the result of having also had the pleasure of viewing such shows as W.I.T.C.H., the Spectacular Spider-Man, and Justice League). So, seeing that Aaron Stone might have some potential as an enjoyable diversion from the usually dismal productions of the Toon Disney/ Disney XD enterprise (Zeke and Luther, I see ou out there), I chose to watch the Pilot episodes. I was pleasantly surprised. As is un-common in most Disney shows, Aaron Stone managed to serve up just the right amount of action, suspense, drama, and romance; all while making me eager to see the next episode. Furthermore, Aaron Stone accomplished a feat which I have only seen performed by a few television shows during my career as a laid-back television jockey: the production of a second season that is even better than the first one. When I watched the two-part season two event- damage control- I was taken aback. It delivered more action, intrigue, mystery, and adventure than any episode in season 1 (and they didn't skip out on the hot girls either (Bryn McAuley, you have a future as a model)). The rest of season two has shown no sign of slowing down the fun either. So I say, stick you, Disney XD, and your so-called all comedy movement. On with Aaron Stone season 3 and, dare I say it, 4 as well.