Aaron's Way

NBC (ended 1988)


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  • Really Good. A beautiful program

    This unfortunate little gem from the production team of Jerry and William Blinn (Our House) did not not get paid much attention to and quietly disappeared. PAX did re-show the pilot the weekend they went on the air but again, I don't think many people saw it.

    This show was not really about religion. It was about two different worlds and value systems colliding. Merlin Olson played Aaron Miller, a simple, wise, patient patriarch of a PA Amish family. In the story line, Aaron's son had went to California forsaking his family's traditions. He started a grape orchard, met a girl and took up surfing. When the pilot starts, Aaron's son is killed in a surfing accident leaving a pregnant girlfriend and a orchard that needs harvesting. Aaron and his family decide to leave Amish country and come to California to help.

    The program shows us how Aaron's family (traditional clothing and all) react when dealing with a very different and very alien environment. Sparks certainly flew between Aaron and his son's girlfriend but underneath you could see mutual love and respect.

    This show had great writing, beautiful scenery, incredible music and a great cast (including Belinda Montgomery.) NBC had scheduling problems with this show and could never find the time slot and audience it needed.