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ABC Premiered Jan 01, 1982 Special


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    • Sean Connery (1982)
      The original James Bond, Sean Connery, discusses his career as Agent 007 and beyond. Connery was James Bond on film--but who is Connery, really? Is he that smooth, that sexy, that lethal? Connery has his own opinions about that, and about his career beyond Bond.
    • Grace Kelly (1982)
      Grace Kelly (1982)
      Episode 05
      The last interview with the Hollywood princess who wore a crown in Monaco. Just days before her death, Princess Grace sat down with "20/20's" Pierre Salinger to speak about her life, her children and her world. She was often called cool and frosty, and a private person. But in this rare and candid interview, Princess Grace talks candidly about her life as princess of Monaco, as a queen of Hollywood, and as a mother and wife.moreless
    • Rod Stewart (1979)
      Rod Stewart (1979)
      Episode 04
      A young Rod Stewart, profiled in 1979 after a world tour and the rousing album success of "Blondes Have More Fun." In a rare early interview after 10 months on the road, Stewart discusses speaker-jumping, stage tricks and his love of performing on stage.
    • Steven Spielberg (1982)
      Legendary director Steven Spielberg, captured after his first major blockbuster success. In the summer of 1982, flush with the box office victories of "E.T." and "Poltergeist", Spielberg was profiled on "20/20." The director discusses his earliest works, including "1941", his vast home movie collection and a few film-making tips. Spielberg also speaks about how his early success came from transforming his own hopes and fears into films.moreless
    • Bob Dylan (1985)
      Bob Dylan (1985)
      Episode 02
      The talented and reclusive Bob Dylan, in his first network news interview ever. Dylan, who exemplified the mood and spirit of the 1960s, discusses the impact of his music. His rough-edged style and gritty lyrics became anthems of the anti-war and civil rights movements.
    • The Rolling Stones (1978)
      Mick Jagger and friends meet Geraldo Rivera at Woodstock! After more than a decade as a rock band, the Rolling Stones--Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, and Bill Wyman--took time out of rehearsals for their 1978 U.S. tour to speak with Rivera about why they still love to play together and their hopes for the future of the band. The setting is legendary Woodstock, NY.moreless