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  • A Treasured Gem Of A Show.

    Okay, first of all, I almost have no memories of watching this show growing up, one reason being that it was almost a decade before my time. So I missed the specials prior to the 1990s, which simply may not have been rerun again for me to catch them. Another reason is I was always more familiar with the similar series, CBS Storybreak, granted when I started watching that, it was in repeats (which I may not had even known at the time), but I was able to catch that more, since it aired more often. The only ABC Weekend Special that stood out in my mind and I remember catching is Jirimipimbira: An African Tale. In fact, that would be the very last ABC Weekend Special, animated or otherwise. I knew the title of that started with a j, but I could never remember what it was exactly, so I had to look up that. I don't even remember seeing releases of those specials on VHS, but evidently there were after seeing any of them for myself and if the now defunct Blockbuster video store had any of those, I would've loved to rent them, if available. Not only would those have made great rentals, but buys even more also.

    I began familiarizing myself more with the specials, beginning with the first cartoon one I checked out on Youtube (the two-part Bunjee Venture) less than a couple months ago on Youtube. And I've got to say, I enjoyed that and the few, other cartoon ones I've seen so far on there. I plan to see the live-action ones eventually as well, but I'm continuing with the cartoons first. Speaking of the aforementioned CBS Storybreak, this was similar to it in that they both featured various hosts who gave intros and outros to the episodes/specials and the assorted stories are adaptations of children's books, and they encouraged kids to read. The difference is while this featured both live-action and animated specials, CBS Storybreak always featured the animated adaptations exclusively. Later, this series was hosted by the nautical cat, . Readmore, in puppet and cartoon forms, and there were also a few specials in which he starred himself. Some, certain characters from previous specials would make recurring appearances as well. I never read any of the books on which they were based, but I'm still sure the crews who worked on the animated adaptations (again, which are what I've seen so far), including those from Hanna-Barbera, Ruby-Spears, any and others I might've missed, still did a great job which I consider well done anyway. These are among the greatest and most interesting 'toons ever made of the late 1970s, '80s, early-mid '90s, or otherwise. I love them so much, I wish more had been expanded into series, I believe they would've had potential possibilities had they been. The only ones that were extended into series were the live-action/animatronic version of Teddy Ruxpin (which was switched to traditional animation for its own series) and The Littles. They're much better than the majority of 'toons polluting the airwaves these days. A fine example of high-class and quality . I'm partial to both this and CBS Storybreak, and they contain among the best cartoons ever, and those shows are among my favorites, very entertaining. I would definitely recommend both, because they are truly entertaining and are amid the best the various decades I mentioned have to offer.