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  • ABC in recent years, has put their 2 cents into every show, including their news shows, about their opinions, when the show should be about facts.

    I don\\\'t agree with any news organization adding comments after a news story or using agenda setting to bias their viewers. ABC is getting worse every year. They have it in their TV shows, their talk shows, that I guess isn\\\'t as bad, but this is the news. People use this information to decide feelings, and some aren\'t aware people are trying to decide those feelings for them. I hate to speak ill of the dead but Peter Jennings did that alot, he even spoke bad about Ronald Reagan a Reagan\'s funeral, that was pretty classless, and that was when he lost me as a viewer. CBS does the same thing with agenda setting, so does Fox on the other side of the coin. I will give it to Fox they have alot of Democratic supporters on their show, so they actually might not be quite as bad. It\'s just too bad news people have something against being fair. I don\'t know how anyone could disagree with wanting the media to just be fair and tell the news like it is.
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