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Wednesday 10:00 PM on ABC Premiered May 29, 2013 In Season


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ABC's The Lookout

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  • camera

    I enjoy the content, but the cameraman is terrible. Short, choppy filming - gives one a headache!
  • "Commercial King" waiting on "Karma"

    I enjoyed watching your investigating on all issues. We often forget about or haven't heard of issues in the news so old or new I still enjoy shining some light on issues that need our attention. Seems like some of us, especially those who are against it, need to be watched more often. I'm all for more public cameras and our privacy being invaded. If that's what it takes to stop corruption and so many other crimes, I'm all in! No ones unique so why get all freaked out over it unless you have something to hide that's wrong/illegal.moreless
  • hotel packages - aired Wed, 8/7/13

    did anyone get/remember the name of the hotel in Mexico that was "the good one" - clean, luxurious, etc. I believe it was $82 a night? It was revealed after the horrible, buggy Krystal

    Thanks -
  • Legal Scamming walkfit platinium

    Can you please expose the scam that walk fit platinium, they charge you for Three pairs instead of one: $29.99 vs $59.99 and guess what: don't issue a confirmation order or receipt just a tracking number, so you have no way to prove that you order only a pair.

    Please try to expose so they stop scamming people.
  • Sensationalism Not Facts

    As a USAA member for over 30 years, I was disappointed in the response of USAA not to appear on the show. I was prepared to contact USAA to voice my displeasure only to find out that ABC bent the facts to suit their purposes. You may side with ABC, but my experience with USAA has me give them the benefit of the doubt. This site does not allow links, but you can read USAA's response with a detailed account of the facts and relevant laws by Googling USAA's Response to Post-Sandy Story on ABC.

    How about ABC doing a story on how the various insurance companies responded to Sandy victims?moreless

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