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  • About an Awesome Show

    This TV show right here got me hooked on the first episode just starting season 2 and i hope it hypes up even more great cast and Sam gosh shes beautiful keep it alive not only does it show young kids that they can find a father figure in the most unlikely kind of people but shows that even the greatest bond between friendship cant be broken a solid 9
  • About Good TV

    I love this show. Bring it back.
  • Bring It Back

    I miss this show! My college-senior daughter and all her friends enjoy watching it too - bring Minnie back!!! And her adorkable son.
  • Save the Show

    I recently got introduced to the show. I think it's hilarious and heart warming, I really hope it doesn't get axed after i just found a new favorite show.
  • The boys are cute, but Minnie isn't!

    I enjoy the show except when Minnie is in a scene. That brown tooth drives me crazy!!! I can't even look at her. You've got the money, Minnie! Get it frickin' fixed!!!
  • Favorite!

    No don't cancel it! It's one of my favorite shows on television!!
  • Soooo cute

    Both boys are super cute :D and funny and heart-warming...
  • So cute, easy watch

    It's a pretty cool show. Easy to wacth. It's on netflix so I watched it when I had free time. Marcus is so cute. It's a good easy watch that I would recommend if you have the time
  • O' YAH!


    This TV show just bring laughter & a smile to my heart ..... Keep it going & DON"T cancel...
  • I really, really like this show!

    When most sitcoms have constant sex scenes and crude jokes about sex, this show is well written and has a big heart. The movie was one of my top 10. This TV show is in the top three for great sitcoms available today. Keep up the good work.
  • Not Great, but...

    ADDENDUM [2014-27-04]: I have upgraded my rating to 8.0. The show is slowly improving, and the core trio is gaining a bit more continuity. This is turning into one of my preferred shows if not one of my favorites.

    First off, other than basic single mom setup and man-boy with too much money, this has almost nothing to do with the film from which it stole the titled. But get past that.

    Uneven and yet, in every episode I did hit a laughaloud moment more than once. It is a strange hybrid of old school sitcom and postmodern this-is-reality (not) but it does keep me coming back. I even found myself dropping in here to make sure it was still in production, though TVCom has not always been up on the mark about that.

    I'll keep watching and hoping it grows.
  • Drinking and Driving

    What is with the drinking and driving? This is a great show but is it necessary to imply that Will is drinking and driving in every single episode? I hope they consider how this plays because it has occurred in literally every episode to this point and its getting hard to forgive...
  • A very cute Sitcom

    One of the cutest sitcoms ... worth watching

    Not better than Malcolm in the middle, but the boy acts great and smart