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About a Girl

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Amy Ryan is determined to get through college on her own. Almost. She rooms up with four guys and finds that living with the opposite sex isn't her idea of a great living situation in About a Girl.
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  • Great show! It was very funny and interesting. I hope The-N doesn't cancel it because the actors and stories are really interesting.

    I was really excited for this show to premiere and my expectations were correct. The stories were top notch and the characters were extremely interesting. This show had tons of drama but it didn't act as the focus of the series. It allowed the serious parts to be serious and the funny parts to be histerical and the results were always entertaining. I really enjoyed the concept too. I mean, it wasn't incredibly ground breaking but it was also interesting to see life of college guys through the eyes of a female. I would recommend this series to anybody because it's really that entertaining.moreless
  • A comedy about a college girl named Amy who needs a dorm room, but can't find one. Until she sees the flier for an apartment, which is with a group of guys. It's a silly, but amazing, show about all their screw-ups, basically, but it's hilarious.moreless

    I honestly think that About a Girl should have had a lot more seasons than it did. I love this show, and I think it really captures the hassles, and great times, of being in college, especially when you are in an apartment with a bunch of guys. There are so many hilarious moments in the show, along with a bunch of sweet ones. Like when Amy and her crush are comparing their evolving relationship to chores around the house. It's a very well written, and in my opinion the best that The-N ever had, by far! I would suggest it to anyone, girl or guy, who loves romantic comedies.moreless
  • Silly show about college kids . . .

    Amy needs a place to stay for her sophomore year of college and ends up moving in to a house with 4 male roommates. You would think cliche store lines are to follow. However, About A Girl is surprisingly enjoyable and original. It is not a very deep show, but the characters are still well written if a bit over the top (in particular dude . . .), however, Amy is refreshing and a slightly naive but still beautiful, smart, and fun college girl. All in all the show is good clean fun with couple of good laughs per episode.moreless
  • About a Girl is based on Amy Ryan, who is determined to get through college on her own. While, almost anyway. Amy Ryan rooms up with four guys and finds that living with the opposite sex isn't her idea of a great living situation in About a Girl.moreless

    This show is great to watch because its funny, heart felted and cool. The fact that the character Amy is willing to live with four guys who is not all that clean, well manner 24/7 and just plain guys show that she can roll with the the punches of life. Also, I adore the male characters, who are funny, sweet hearted and protective of the ones they care for even through they can be sloppy, dirty, and down right when not using some manners. I can't wait for the new episode and for anyone not watch this series, start watching it soon before the new episode.moreless
  • Amy Ryan goes of to college and shares a house with 4 guy roomates.

    About a girl is an awesome show! All the actors mesh really well together and can really play off one another. There are so many hilarious episodes that have you thinking about then for a long time after. Whats really great about the show is that you see how amy living with the guys changes her and them for the better, she learns from them how to loosen up and have some fun...and well she took them to the library and taught them how to study. One more thing is that even the characters that arent on the show every episode like Erin are really funny and great.moreless

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