About a Girl

Season 1 Episode 11

About a Boot

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 15, 2008 on TeenNick



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Amy and Erin are outside talking when they notice that the boot was taken off of Amy's car. As Erin goes to get into the car, she takes her purse off her shoulder. In the next shot it's back on her shoulder.

    • In the 2nd episode Benny and McRitchie started a delivery service. But now it seemes like Benny and Dude changed places. Dude bought Benny's share of Rainbow Deliveries, which is the name of their delivery company.

  • Quotes

    • Dude: (about the rat) Maybe we're not watching it. Maybe it is watching us...

    • (Amy, McRitchie and Dude enter the house)
      Benny: Is that a rat?
      Amy: Three rats, actually. Counting the one in the cage.

    • Amy: Finally! I was hoping you'd pull me over. I must have sped past you like 3 times already today...
      Policeman: License and registration, please.
      Amy: Right here... Oh... wow, such big hands you have... You know what they say about big hands...
      Policeman: Look, I appreciate the attempt, but you're not qualified to ply that card.
      Amy: What? Not qualified?
      Policeman: Put it this way, my boyfriend will get a kick out of the "big hands" comment.

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