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About a Girl

Season 1 Episode 5

About a Break-Up

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 02, 2007 on TeenNick
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Episode Summary

About a Break-Up
Amy turns to the guys for support after her new boyfriend lets her down.

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  • Amy starts to date a guy she thinks is perfect.

    Amy is excited about her new boyfriend but the guys give her thoughts about her new fling.In this episode the guys really come throw when Amy needs them the most. they give her advise and heard what she had to say about the new guy.Ofter they Brock-up they purported her and helped her stay away from the guy.they did everything stay up with her,give her a holder to cry on.they took away her cell so she would not call him. when he would go to try to see her they would stand up for her.is was a great episode one of the best so far.moreless

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    • Benny: Hey! We could bake chocolate chip cookies!
      Amy: And we would do that because...
      Benny: (Reading the cookie label) "Break up and bake." Break up... That was bad, wasn't it?
      Amy: Not if by bad you mean funny.

    • Benny: What's your major?
      Dan: Philosophy...
      McRitchie: And what do you intend on doing with that, gang?
      Dan: Philosophize.
      Jason: And what do you intend to do with Amy?
      Dan: Date...

    • Dude: (About Dan) And the guy just thinks he can use my nickname? You ain't no friend of mine, Mr. Gogebic!
      Amy: Your nickname? So your parents didn't name you Dude?
      Dude: No, one of my ex drug counselors did. It's an acronym. It stands for Dilbert-Ultimately-Decides-Everything.

    • McRitchie: One of my break-ups was painful, so I really identify with you.
      Amy: You do?
      McRitchie: Yeah. She was just going out with me because I was a cheerleader.
      Amy: Wait... you were a cheerleader?
      McRitchie: I was in an all boys school and I had the best legs. I was also on the swim team. I had to shave all my body hair, which unfortunately made me a slam dunk to play Maria in "The Sound of Music." But I did kick Do-Re-Mi's ass!

    • Benny: The rules are very simple: No phone calls, no texting, no im-ing, no staring at your boobs... The last one's for me...

    • Dude: Amy, we gotta get you past the first 24 hours. That's the hardest part.
      Jason: Dude's right. Girl calls me within a day, I own them again...
      Benny: So, we takes shifts with Amy?
      McRitchie: I call shower shift! (Amy looks at him outraged) Kidding...

    • McRitchie: How did it go?
      Benny: Amazing! I told him it was over and I told him hard. And he just stood their and took it. In your face, fizzler!
      Jason: So we know Benny's no longer dating Dan. (To Amy) How about you?

    • Dude: He's getting his masters in Philosophy? The guy doesn't even have a personal philosophy.
      McRitchie: I know, right? Hey, do you?
      Dude: It's personal...

    • Amy: (Voiceover, about Dan) I'm not saying he's Mr. Right, but he sure kicks ass as Mr. Right Now.

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    • McRitchie: Which unfortunately made me a slam dunk to play Maria in "The Sound of Music."

      The Sound of Music is a 1965 film directed by Robert Wise and stared Julie Andrews in the lead role.