About a Girl

Season 1 Episode 5

About a Break-Up

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 02, 2007 on TeenNick



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    • Benny: Hey! We could bake chocolate chip cookies!
      Amy: And we would do that because...
      Benny: (Reading the cookie label) "Break up and bake." Break up... That was bad, wasn't it?
      Amy: Not if by bad you mean funny.

    • Benny: What's your major?
      Dan: Philosophy...
      McRitchie: And what do you intend on doing with that, gang?
      Dan: Philosophize.
      Jason: And what do you intend to do with Amy?
      Dan: Date...

    • Dude: (About Dan) And the guy just thinks he can use my nickname? You ain't no friend of mine, Mr. Gogebic!
      Amy: Your nickname? So your parents didn't name you Dude?
      Dude: No, one of my ex drug counselors did. It's an acronym. It stands for Dilbert-Ultimately-Decides-Everything.

    • McRitchie: One of my break-ups was painful, so I really identify with you.
      Amy: You do?
      McRitchie: Yeah. She was just going out with me because I was a cheerleader.
      Amy: Wait... you were a cheerleader?
      McRitchie: I was in an all boys school and I had the best legs. I was also on the swim team. I had to shave all my body hair, which unfortunately made me a slam dunk to play Maria in "The Sound of Music." But I did kick Do-Re-Mi's ass!

    • Benny: The rules are very simple: No phone calls, no texting, no im-ing, no staring at your boobs... The last one's for me...

    • Dude: Amy, we gotta get you past the first 24 hours. That's the hardest part.
      Jason: Dude's right. Girl calls me within a day, I own them again...
      Benny: So, we takes shifts with Amy?
      McRitchie: I call shower shift! (Amy looks at him outraged) Kidding...

    • McRitchie: How did it go?
      Benny: Amazing! I told him it was over and I told him hard. And he just stood their and took it. In your face, fizzler!
      Jason: So we know Benny's no longer dating Dan. (To Amy) How about you?

    • Dude: He's getting his masters in Philosophy? The guy doesn't even have a personal philosophy.
      McRitchie: I know, right? Hey, do you?
      Dude: It's personal...

    • Amy: (Voiceover, about Dan) I'm not saying he's Mr. Right, but he sure kicks ass as Mr. Right Now.

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    • McRitchie: Which unfortunately made me a slam dunk to play Maria in "The Sound of Music."

      The Sound of Music is a 1965 film directed by Robert Wise and stared Julie Andrews in the lead role.

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