About a Girl

Season 1 Episode 7

About a Dream

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 16, 2007 on TeenNick
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About a Dream
On the eve of the campus chili-cookout, Amy has a sexy dream about Jason.

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  • this episode was great because Amy finally gets what she whats even if it is not real

    this episode was great exiting and revealing.All in the house had dreams of things they wanted.so it was great and fun to watch what they really felt.this was the greatest episode yet lets hope there are more to come.the bad thing was when she dreams of what she what Jason has other plans for him self.i just wish one day Jason really s what kind of girl would really be there for him when he needs it.this show is different something not done before and it tells a different story not your poor girl trying to make it because she is all alone in life story its great that someone created this show.moreless

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    • Jason: You know Amy, I know more about you as a person than every other girl. Ever.
      Amy: Get out of here.
      Jason: No, seriously. It's what's so great about being roomates. And maybe one day, you and me, we'll... you know, we'll go to the next step. (They lean like they're going to kiss, but they don't) Like vaccuming.
      Amy: Let's work up to vaccuming. You know, start with some light dusting...

    • Jason: I'm stuck doing all the work, Amy's acting all weird and now there's something up your butt too. What's going on?
      Benny: Like you don't know. That hot dream I had about Amy, well she had one about you.
      Jason: Hey, don't be pissed at me. You had the hot dream about her, I didn't. I've never had a dream about Amy in my life!
      Amy: Well, those are the words every girl's dying to hear...

    • (After Jason takes his shirt off)
      Amy: Get dressed! It's just too hot... outside here... for that. I bet you have zero sunscreen on.
      Jason: Amy, I don't get it. Before, all you cared about was winning. What changed?
      Amy: What changed is that now I care about something else, ok? Your dignity! I insist you cover up.
      Jason: I never had all that much dignity to begin with. Plus, it is for the children...

    • Ashley: I was hoping I could give you Ashley's special handwash...
      McRitchie: I don't have a car.
      Ashley: Did I mention a car?

    • Amy: Hey Benny, I need to talk to you a sec. Alone.
      Benny: Really? I need to talk to you alone. How crazy is that? We have to talk to each while we're alone.
      Amy: While I'm still young...

    • (Following Stacy's reaction to his chili)
      Dude: My chili is many things, but "meh" is not among them.

    • Erin: I bet your Jason dream was hot. Was he a good kisser? Did he talk afterwards? During?
      Amy: Erin, it was just a dream. It didn't really happen.
      Erin: Oh, and his chest... Tell me it's as hard and smooth as I've always imagined.
      Amy: His chest was my pillow. But now that I've drempt about being with him, what am I gonna do?
      Erin: Make your dream come true, Amy! Go for it!
      Amy: I can't just go for it. It would mess up the whole vibe in the house.
      Erin: But your dreams are your deepest desires, according to every single Sandra Bullock movie I've ever seen.

    • McRitchie: I had a sex dream.
      Amy: You did?
      McRitchie: But I always dream about sex. And I think about it during the day too. What do you think that means?

    • Dude: What are you doing?
      McRitchie: I'm sleeping next to the chili. Those Alpha girls are gonna get real slippery... or so I imagine.

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