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About a Girl

Season 1 Episode 4

About a Flood

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 26, 2007 on TeenNick
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Episode Summary

About a Flood
After Stacy's sorority house floods, she stays with Amy and the guys.

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  • in this episode Amy and the guys have to halp the sorority house because it got flooded.Stacy has to stay with Amy and the guys.

    Amy is mad she was getting closer to Jason but sends the sorority house gets flooded Stacy has to go stay with Amy and the guys in there home. because they are the ones that send that they would help.everyone found a place to stay but Stacy and Jason tells her to stay with them.Is episode is great and funny Amy gets so jealous of Stacy and Jason but, in the end Jason per furs Amy. He explains something deep about him and Stacy. She never had that idea in till Jason tell her something that makes her day after all.moreless

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    • Jason: Stacy's hot and all. She'd be fun for a while, but if I was stuck on a desert island with her, I'd definitely have to kill myself. (Amy looks at him) Too harsh?
      Amy: No. In fact, that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.
      Jason: Why? It doesn't have anything to do with you?
      Amy: (Whispering) But it has everything to do with us...

    • Amy: If you think you can get him to pick you over me then take your best shot, Laguna!
      Stacy: Oh, I will. I might even have to drop another cherry bomb down my toilet.
      Amy: Long way to go... He's already in my bathroom every morning when I wake up.

    • Amy: You realize Jason's gonna get tired of you after about... 5 minutes, right?
      Stacy: You realize they'll be the hottest 5 minutes of his life, right?

    • Erin: I don't get how Jason could be attracted to someone like her with you around.
      Amy: Thanks, but that's the kind of girl guys likes Jason always go for. Girls like her get jewelry and limos. Girls like me help pick out the jewelry and wipe the puke out of the limo.

    • McRitchie: (To the sorority girls) I'm sure there's some place we can go and get a little bit more comfortable... (they pass by him and say nothing) Obviously they didn't hear me...
      Dude: Obviously they did.

    • Stacy: I imagine these guys can handle just about anybody... I mean anything.

    • Stacy: Can we pause this a sec? Time to visit the powder room...
      Dude: When did we put in a powder room?

    • Amy: (Talking on the phone) If you're not a boy, speak.
      Erin: Amy! I've got a complete meltdown over here. Stacy's toilet blew up!
      Amy: Erin, thanks for calling. You just totally made my week. You're the best. Good night!
      Erin: Wait! Stacy's room is flooded and she's floating with her own doodie...
      Amy: Ok, now you're just making stuff up just to be nice...

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