About a Girl

Season 1 Episode 3

About a Job

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 19, 2007 on TeenNick
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About a Job
Amy enjoys her job at the campus bookstore but that all changes when her boss becomes romantically interested in her.

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  • Amy finally finds a job but things go wrong with her boss...

    Amy finds a job at the library and everything is going great she had a cool boss and she really likes it. but the boss starts to say things he is not suppose to. she confronts him about the things he had said so he saids sorry and she gets over it. but after sometime he saids another comment that she dose not like. she tells the guys but they don't believe her. so she gos back to her job and tells him hagen about the comment she forgives him but he slaps her in the ass.she quits the rest is for you to see.moreless
  • This episode follows Amy and her job at work. Her boss ends up flirting with her, and even after she told him to stop, he still kept on. Meanwhile the guys work on fixing her car after they broke it.moreless

    Nothing really happened in this episode. The most important thing that happened is that Jason is starting to take Amy seriously. All the guys were like what would we do if this car was a girl? They all jokingly replied, and then Jason was like, what if the car was Amy. It wasn't till then that the guys started taking the job really seriously. I thought that Amy's boss was a jerk, and when he offered to pay them to shut them up, and the other girls accepted. When she looked at the cameras I knew how it would end. Overall great episode.moreless

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    • McRitchie: What would we do if this car was a girl?
      Jason: That's easy. Trade it in for a new model...
      Dude: Really? I never mind if she's got a little extra mileage on her.
      McRitchie: Personally, I like a little junk in the trunk.
      (Dude and McRitchie start laughing)
      Benny: I prefer the Swedish models.
      (Dude and McRitchie stop laughing)
      Benny: For safety!
      Jason: You guys, we keep talking about girls like they're cars... I don't know, I mean... come on, what if the car was Amy?
      McRitchie: You lost me...

    • McRitchie: Look Amy, I'm not trying to make excuses for Mike but you know, sometimes it's hard for a guy to know where the line is...
      Amy: I told Mikey that his comments and actions made me uncomfortable.
      Benny: There's your line.

    • Amy: Well, it's official: I'm the most naive person in the world!
      McRitchie: (Talking about Amy's car) I know what this looks like. You're thinking we're never gonna be able to put this back together again. We destroyed your car!
      Jason & Dude: We?
      Amy: Whatever! I just got fired!
      McRitchie: Oh, so you're good about the car?

    • Erin: (About Mike) Amy, he likes you! I say work it. Maybe he'll let you leave early, take a longer lunch, he'll never fire you. Give a little, get a little.
      Amy: I don't know...
      Erin: Well, I do. I flirt all the time to get free stuff.
      Amy: You do not...
      Erin: Are you kidding? Where else do you think I got all that free computer crap?
      Amy: Get Out!
      Erin: Believe it. Those guys at Cyber World worship me. I'm a lapdance away from a free laptop.

    • Dude: I don't know if I'd call her desperate.
      McRitchie: She was wearing a t-shirt that said "The Answer Is Yes."

    • McRitchie: Thank you! I was gonna hate it if we had to take the bus. The ladies don't fight over men who rely on public transit.
      Amy: How are they with men who rely on their roommates' cars?

    • Amy: Ok, but be careful. My car's on its last legs.
      Dude: Why not get a new one? I'm partial to hybrids. They make a model that runs on old french fry grease: The McDiesel.

    • McRitchie: Yeah, that color is flattering. It brings out your eyes.
      Amy: It's white!
      McRitchie: ... the whites of your eyes.

    • Dude: You want to frisk me... again?
      Mike: Sorry, Dude, it's a bookstore. You had a book in your pocket, you ran screaming for the exit...
      Dude: In-grown toe nail. But nothing compared to the pain of being falsely branded 'A Shoplifter'.

    • Amy: Five days into this part-time job and it's feeling pretty good. Nice boss, free parking, 30% off on all my school books... and this apron actually makes me look hot.

    • McRitchie: There she is! Our number one girl, the light of our lives, our...
      Amy: Stop! You wanna borrow my car...

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