About a Girl

Season 1 Episode 1

About a Pilot

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 05, 2007 on TeenNick

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  • this episode is about a girl named Any Ryan and she whats to go of to college to get away from her crazy mother.But,it is not what she expects

    this episode to be a pilot was good.we learned what guys can be kind to girl when she most need it.there is always something to learned from guys even if we don't like it. when it comes to living with guys you can expect anything can happen. There is nothing to stupend when you live with this kind of guys.there alway something exciting going on and there is one good thing about living with all guys is that they can help with your problems with other guys that you are dating.they can give tips and help you understand all of lies
  • An okay show.

    The pilot episode of About a Girl was as good as it will get I think. Hopefully I'm wrong but it just didn't seem realistic. The characters are way too immature and Amy has a squeaky little voice. I can't deny that she's hot though. She's finally living life on her own and she's off to college. The beginning was kinda funny when her mom was sending her off and there were plenty of lol moments but at some point it didn't all add together for me. Maybe I'll start liking the series more if I see more episodes. Time will tell.
  • Not bad, but could have been better.

    A couple episodes of "The Best Years" aside, I haven't watched much of The N. No, I've never even seen "Degrassi". But the plot of their new sitcom, "About a Girl" (snarky college girl can't find lodgings, shacks up with four dudes), sounded fun.

    I really wanted to like this episode. Especially since Neal Israel helmed my third all-time favorite film of all time: "Surf Ninjas"! But it just didn't quite work. Sure, there was some sharp writing (Crazy Lady!) and the lead character of Amy, though played just a tad overmuch by Chiara Zanni, was quite appealing. But it's the dudes (one of whom is named [wait for it] Dude), played as nothing more than universally disgusting chums, who drag the show down.

    Disgusting chums. That's all they are, the entirety of their characters. What little bits of distinction the writers provide are far too fleeting to stick, so all we have is an image of four burp/barf/poo processors acting as a collective Oscar to Amy's Felix.

    Granted, all this is a bit moot when you think about how hard it is to cram much story into a 20-some minute pilot. I'll tune in again. Hopefully things will sort themselves out in future episodes.
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