About a Girl

Season 1 Episode 8

About a Prank War

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 19, 2008 on TeenNick



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    • Jason: (to McRitchie) How many times have I told you? When the bathroom is "ocupado," the front lawn is not an option!

    • Amy: You know what works really well at getting peanut butter out?
      Dude: What?
      Amy: Nothing! (laughing) Good day, suckers!

    • Amy: (after realizing she ate a bowl of chocolate ice cream full of calories) I think my shoes already feel tighter...

    • Dude: Birthdays are fake holidays created by the greating card industry to commemorate what? The most painful day of your mother's life?

    • Amy: Nice, you starched my bra! So guess what?
      Benny: (Excited) You're gonna go bra-less from now on?

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  • Allusions

    • Punk'd
      Punk'd was an American hidden camera practical joke television series on MTV, produced and hosted by Ashton Kutcher, which first aired in 2003. Being "Punk'd" refers to having such a prank played on oneself, and to "punk someone" refers to making someone else the victim of the show's style of prank itself.

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