About a Girl

Season 1 Episode 6

About a Visit

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 09, 2007 on TeenNick
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About a Visit
When Amy's mom unexpectedly visits, it spells trouble for her time remaining in the house.

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    Lynda Boyd

    Lynda Boyd

    Mrs. Ryan

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    Ryan Kennedy

    Ryan Kennedy

    Dan Gogebic

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    Casey Dubois

    Casey Dubois

    Surly Kid

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    Kristie Marsden

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      • Kid: (About Dude, who is unconscious) Is that guy dead?
        McRitchie: When he finds out that he fainted over a toy truck, he'll wish he was.

      • Erin: (About Dan) I told you he creeped me out.
        Amy: Erin, yogurt with fruit at the bottom creeps you out.
        Erin: It's the chunks...

      • Amy: If my mom asks, I'll just say there's a hot tub underneath.
        Erin: No good. She's gonna assume a hot tub means wild sex parties. I mean, tell me this wouldn't be the perfect place for a hot tub and wild sex parties!
        Amy: Would you knock it off and focus? These guys aren't like that. Now let's go move that stripper pole out of the den...

      • Dude: (About Mrs. Ryan) Good looking and a healthy appetite. Me likey...
        Amy: Dude, you do get this is my mother, right?
        Dude: And this would be important information because?

      • Dan: Amy, look, I just wanna talk, ok?
        Jason: She's not interested, pal.
        Benny: And if you ever come back to the house, you'll face a restraining order, a lecture from the neighborhood watch group...
        McRitchie: And a size 13 Air Jordan high top in that ass!

      • Amy: Mom! I'm not gonna get pregnant in college like you did! I did the math years ago. I know you and dad got married six months before I was born.
        Mrs. Ryan: Does your sister know too?
        Amy: Tammy? How could she? It involves basic arithmetic.

      • Mrs. Ryan: Do you know this is the first time since you were 10 that we've had a conversation that didn't involve yelling?
        Amy: I know. I have to say, I don't miss the yelling.
        Mrs. Ryan: I guess it's cause I finally think of you as an adult.
        Amy: Yeah, me too.
        Mrs. Ryan: You didn't think of me as an adult before?

      • Amy: Sure it will be tough at first, but I bet you will discover all kinds of things that you liked to do that you forgot you were good at. (Her mom looks at her) I'm not talking about sex.

      • Mrs. Ryan: As long as I was still technically married, I could feel like I wasn't really... What's the word I'm looking for?
        Amy: Divorced?

      • Mrs. Ryan: Amy, your father has filed for divorce.
        Amy: Oh... Well, you guys have been living separated for eight years now.
        Mrs. Ryan: Right... So he's probably found himself some 20-something skank.
        Amy: Mom!
        Mrs. Ryan: Oh, let me guess. Nobody says skank anymore?
        Amy: No... that one still works.

      • Amy: And last but not least, my little slice of heaven.
        Mrs. Ryan: Oh, it's adorable. And the dressing area is very chic...
        Amy: Mom, nobody says chic anymore.
        Mrs. Ryan: Very fat?
        Amy: Ok, go back to chic.

      • Amy: My roomates are out of town this weekend, so it's just the two of us.
        Mrs. Ryan: I really wanted to meet the gals you live with. What are they like?
        Amy: Ok. One's white, one's black, one's neat and one's weird.

      • Erin: (Holding a frog): I found this under the sink in the kitchen. Does it say girl?
        Amy: No, it's McRitchie's. It says "Eat me."

      • Erin: McRitchie owning this many girlie magazines might get into a bit of a problem.
        Amy: Like what? Not knowing how to use the internet?

      • McRitchie: You all remember the time Dude picked up that log and that scorpio crawled out?
        Jason: He totally screamed like a girl.
        Dude: Well, who would have come to help if I screamed like a guy?

      • Benny: Wish Amy was here with us.
        Jason: I hear you, Ben. Would have been cool to have her here.
        McRitchie: You two are jonesin' for her...
        Jason: Total bunk! She's a roomate and tradition says that all roomates come on the camping trip. That's all.
        McRitchie: Uh, huh. Whatever...
        Benny: Hey, I'll admit it. I miss her.
        Dude: Who? Amy?
        McRitchie: Yeah. Can you believe these two?
        Dude: I miss her myself. The stuff for making s'mores was in her pack.

      • Erin: There's no way she won't pick up that guys live here.
        Amy: I know, but what are my options?
        Erin: You could burn all their crap.
        Amy: It's technically not my property. I could go to jail for arson.
        Erin: No. They charge it as a felony, but plea bargon as misdemeanor with no jail time. (Amy stares at her) There was an incident with a rival sorority...

      • Erin: You're still lying to your mom about living with guys?
        Amy: So? You're still lying to your mom about being a virgin.
        Erin: There's a trust fund riding on it...

      • Jason: You're gonna love this camp ground.
        McRitchie: It's where I caught a fish for the first time...
        Benny: Where I learned to build my first camp fire...
        Dude: Where I discovered that a leaf makes sweet toilet paper.

      • Dude: The only thing that sucks about this camping deal is the early rising. I still don't see why we can't leave in a more humane hour.
        Benny: Anything before noon is too early for you...
        Dude: What can I say? I need my beauty sleep.

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