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  • Great show! It was very funny and interesting. I hope The-N doesn't cancel it because the actors and stories are really interesting.

    I was really excited for this show to premiere and my expectations were correct. The stories were top notch and the characters were extremely interesting. This show had tons of drama but it didn't act as the focus of the series. It allowed the serious parts to be serious and the funny parts to be histerical and the results were always entertaining. I really enjoyed the concept too. I mean, it wasn't incredibly ground breaking but it was also interesting to see life of college guys through the eyes of a female. I would recommend this series to anybody because it's really that entertaining.
  • A comedy about a college girl named Amy who needs a dorm room, but can't find one. Until she sees the flier for an apartment, which is with a group of guys. It's a silly, but amazing, show about all their screw-ups, basically, but it's hilarious.

    I honestly think that About a Girl should have had a lot more seasons than it did. I love this show, and I think it really captures the hassles, and great times, of being in college, especially when you are in an apartment with a bunch of guys. There are so many hilarious moments in the show, along with a bunch of sweet ones. Like when Amy and her crush are comparing their evolving relationship to chores around the house. It's a very well written, and in my opinion the best that The-N ever had, by far! I would suggest it to anyone, girl or guy, who loves romantic comedies.
  • Silly show about college kids . . .

    Amy needs a place to stay for her sophomore year of college and ends up moving in to a house with 4 male roommates. You would think cliche store lines are to follow. However, About A Girl is surprisingly enjoyable and original. It is not a very deep show, but the characters are still well written if a bit over the top (in particular dude . . .), however, Amy is refreshing and a slightly naive but still beautiful, smart, and fun college girl. All in all the show is good clean fun with couple of good laughs per episode.
  • About a Girl is based on Amy Ryan, who is determined to get through college on her own. While, almost anyway. Amy Ryan rooms up with four guys and finds that living with the opposite sex isn't her idea of a great living situation in About a Girl.

    This show is great to watch because its funny, heart felted and cool. The fact that the character Amy is willing to live with four guys who is not all that clean, well manner 24/7 and just plain guys show that she can roll with the the punches of life. Also, I adore the male characters, who are funny, sweet hearted and protective of the ones they care for even through they can be sloppy, dirty, and down right when not using some manners. I can't wait for the new episode and for anyone not watch this series, start watching it soon before the new episode.
  • Amy Ryan goes of to college and shares a house with 4 guy roomates.

    About a girl is an awesome show! All the actors mesh really well together and can really play off one another. There are so many hilarious episodes that have you thinking about then for a long time after. Whats really great about the show is that you see how amy living with the guys changes her and them for the better, she learns from them how to loosen up and have some fun...and well she took them to the library and taught them how to study. One more thing is that even the characters that arent on the show every episode like Erin are really funny and great.
  • One of the best shows ever!!!

    One of the best shows ever!! Plenty of awesome humor, some love but most of all friendship. The relationship between her four roommates, all of them boys, and a girl in her first year of university. It starts being a bit rocky with their disagreements but then they start to change and adapt but they share an amazing friendship from the very begining and obviously the girl falls for one of them, The Casanova of the house but you can see the change in him with her. I highly recommend it, it doen't disappoint. I hope they don't cancelled it would be a huge shame.
  • I think about a girl is one of the best the-n shows ever. Its about a girl in college who ends up sharing a house with four guys. The storyline is incredible. All of the episodes have been excellent.

    I love this show !!!! All of the characters have their own personalities and they`re all a great addition to the show which includes everything else this show has going on. In fact,in the last episode Amy and Jason finally get together after the crush shes had on him forever. I hope this show doesnt get cancelled because i personally think, along with many other people that this show rocks. Ive watched all of the great episodes that have come from this show. One word : ABSOLUTELY ENTERTAINING !!! This show shouldnt be cancelled after just one season because it has many fans that would hate to see it over.
  • A comedy about a college student whose plans for independence and maturity as a freshman are put to the test when she ends up sharing a house with four 'laddish' guys. College life is definitely not what she expected.

    This show is comedy that grows on you. At first glance you think 'why did i watch that'! Then before you realise it you keep on going back to watch it week after week. You begin to say 'it's not that bad' and then secretly rope your friends and housemates into watching it too. Some of the gags are admitedly lacking in originality but the show itself is a unique portrayal of the female mind when surrounded by 'dudes'.

    After a few episodes you find yourself laughing out loud at jokes you initially scoffed at! The way things are going, i think the show can only get better and rope more people in. Even if its aimed at a particular demographic, i think it has potential to rope in people of all ages and classes. It might take a while, but you'll definitely be sucked in.

    A show which is surprisingly addictive and funnier than you'd initially think
  • A blonde full of questions and thoughts who day dreams occasionally and lives with 3 guys, one of which she has a big crush on ...

    I think this show sucks soooo much... thats why The-N is cancelling it... c'mon their acting sucks its as if they are reading from a poster board or something... the white girl is so naive and that friggin white guy is soooo annoying oh my gosh the way he talks and acts is soo retarded.. I gave the show two chances thinking that maybe the first pilot episode was just a fluke because it was the very first episode.. but the second episode sucked just as much...I'm glad its getting cancelled I think its either been cancelled already or this friday is the season finale..
  • I absolutely love it! Another great addition to The N.

    I absolutely love it! Another great addition to The N. I mean, like any show it could use a little tweaking, but hey, it's only had one season, which was totally phenomenal btw. I hope the show's character doesn't change like so many other shows' do after their first season. About a Girl is so cute and funny. And who wouldn't love living with 3 guys in college? Especially if they're like Benny, McRitchie, Dude, and Jason. ;) Those guys are awesome. Amy is so lucky, although the whole "Jason and I are never gonna happen" thing is a downer for her. Oh well. Things get better for her. Lol. I love the show, and I can't wait to see what it has in store for season 2!!! :D
  • About a girl is a show about a girl living with four boys while trying to get through college. Amy Ryan is a neat freak who is doing something on a whim and stands for order and cleanliness.

    this show is just amazing. i just cant go with out seeing it for a week. its not just a show that you decide to watch, its a show that you need to watch. its a show that if you dont watch then you can go insane with out laughter. i just love this show, its so unexplainable and unpredictable. you never can tell what amy or the boys will do next. just like pulling pranks or waking everyone up to show an accomplishment. it doesnt matter, but when someone messes with a person in the hous then the person gets a brutal lecture or a beating from the boys. its just fantastic.
  • this show is very funny is about one girl living with three guys.

    this show is about Amy a girl that is just trying to leave her crazy mother at home. she whats to be by her self and to learn how to be responsible.But, that all change when she moved in with three guys that are funny,discussing, and every lovable. they always do something new to her destroy her car or something that she has or is doing. but, it also hows how guys are really like when one of the girls becomes one of the guys. they can be crazy at times but, they know how to take care of Amy. SEE THIS SHOW!!!!
  • A new series that actually made me laugh.

    This show was so fun to see considering how television has been missing its sense of humor for awhile....Finally a few new shows were actually funny and this was one of them! It may not be the best show on television, but it's pretty good and it looks like it'll hopefully improve later on.
    I finally have new episodes of a comedy to look forward to! Yay!

    Now....the only problem is that I've been watching this show when it rebroadcasts...I have no idea of what time the new episodes air! Haha...
    Well, I'll go try to find out because it's actually a show that's worth seeing when the new episodes first air...
  • This show follows a girl named Amy, who is just starting her second year of college. She ends up moving into a place with 4 other guys Dude, Jason, Benny, and McRitchie. Together they experience the ups and downs of college life.

    An amazing show. It will become a huge hit, I think. Most of it is funny, with good plot lines. It could go so far, I also think that it is cool how they tie in the episode titles to the title of the show. (I.e. About a Job, About the Rules...) The show can relate to people. It's good that the N doesn't just produce every minute drama related stuff. Even though I like that stuff, it's nice to have a change. It will be interesting to see how this show turns out. I know that I will tune in to see what happens.