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Absolutely Fabulous

Friday 8:00 PM on BBC Premiered Nov 01, 1992 In Season



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Absolutely Fabulous
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Sin Is In! This hit British comedy series began 1992 and remains one of the BBC's highest rated and most popular shows. Absolutely Fabulous follows the lives of three (and later four) generations of the Monsoon family and the people around them. It began as a short French & Saunders sketch with Jennifer Saunders in her familiar role as Edina and Dawn French playing her daughter. A pilot for the series was filmed with the comediennes in those respective roles but Julia Sawalha was cast to replace French. Add a dash of actress Joanna Lumley and the immensly popular and entertaining series was born. Wheel's on fire, Rolling down the road! Best notify my next of kin, This wheel shall explode!
Jennifer Saunders

Jennifer Saunders

Edina "Eddy" Monsoon

Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley

Patricia "Patsy" Stone

Julia Sawalha

Julia Sawalha

Saffron "Saffy" Monsoon

Jane Horrocks

Jane Horrocks

Bubble, Katy Grin, Lola

June Whitfield

June Whitfield


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  • Absolutely Amazing and Fabulous Fun Sweetie!

    I was first shown this by my best friend and I couldn't believe what I'd been missing. I'd been a fan of French and Saunders for quite a while, but I completely fell in love with this show. Brilliant writing and amazing comic acting. Its an often cheeky, yet never cruel parody of the world of PR, fashion and celebrity. How you can have loads of money from doing absolutely nothing at all, and two people who indulge all the time, just take what they want and do what they want, without thinking, all the time fretting about growing old, and desperately trying to stay young and cool. I love this show so much, as does my grandmother who is 82 and my brother, who is 17, proving it really does connect with all ages. I love it.moreless
  • Trash is Trash

    Is everyone in TV land stupid, Bad acting, wrong messages, the show is consistently absolutely----STUPID, It deserves none of its praise.

    If I were an Actor I would certainly aim higher than this for a job!

    Stupid! Stupid! Stupid ! Show

    No wonder people turn their TV sets----OFF!

    I take it the shows are for women and / or Nellies??!!
  • Its Fabulous Sweety Darling!

    I didnt watch the first two seasons of this show at the time it first aired as i was too busy been a teenager but i do remember the hype and so many people talking about this been a great new show. I started watching it when the third season aired and it was so funny, I had to watch more. I then went out and bought the other two seasons and realy got into it. It was way ahead of its time and the only show of its kind. Patsy & Edina made a great duo act with funny story lines and adventures. This is my favorite TV show of all time & Nothing will ever rival it. I now own all the DVDs and often watch them all again and love it even more ever time i do.moreless
  • Want a good, hilarious and bizarre British TV show? Meed the "fab duo"!

    Eddy and her best friend Patsy are possibly the funniest and most bizarre couple in tv history. The way they threat people around them is terrible and at the same time hilarious. Their regular victim is Eddy's daughter Saffy, that puts up with lots of insults from them, but is simply not strong enough to strike them back.

    Eddy is also a very irresponsible person and has problems with drugs and alcohol (but it's not as bad as her friend Patsy). I recommend this show to everyone that appreciates a good old British sense for humor with addiction of lots of bizarreness.moreless
  • All time Favorite British Comedy.

    When i first saw their show I was laughing my A off and I still do I love Jennifer Saunders and the whole cast. Her daughter and best friend on the show are such great actresses. The writer is amazing I think Jennifer Saunders wrote some of the shows not sure if all plus she directed most of the shows also what talent Jennifer has in show business. I love the characters and each show was so much fun to watch. I even added the france episode to my myspace page I love that episode when patsy shues away an old french man it is hyterical.

    Im not sure if they have any new episodes or is BBC still playing the old episodes.

    I love Ab Fab...


    AbFab's Revival: Still Fabulous After All These Years

    It’s remarkable, really, how Edina and Patsy -- caricatures meant to lampoon the gaudy and clueless nouveau riche who sprung out of Margaret Thatcher’s England -- still seem so timely in a post-Occupy Wall Street world.


    Ab not so Fab for Fox

    Some British TV shows such as the The Office have done rather well after export across the pond. Others, such as the US remake of relationship comedy Coupling did not fare so well, lasting just four episodes before having…

    • Three new episodes to come!
      Hello all! I was going to post about this here earlier, but somehow I didn't get around to it until now. Well, better late than.....
    • Favorite Ab Fab Episode?
      Mine would have to be "Sex" It's just too hilarious when Gran/Mother uses the condoms as gloves. =]
    • My Favorite Ever Episode
      I loved this show so much and i wish it would return but i wont hold my breath. My favorite ever episode was Season5/Episode4 Hunt...
    • I'd just wish...
      I just wish that the BBC renews the show or cancels it, because we're constantly wondering if the show is ever going to emerge fro...
    • Ab Fab- Bloopers
      I've been watching all the bloopers recently, they're nearly as funny as the show hahahaha. What are some of your favourite moment...

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