Absolutely Fabulous

Season 5 Episode 8

Cold Turkey

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 24, 2003 on BBC

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  • Funny...just plain funny.

    A riot of an episode. Patsy plans on going away for holiday with Eddy, but Eddy wants to stay with her new granddaughter and Saffy. Patsy throwing a fit and then collapsing was funny, and then when she is rushed to the hospital, it gets serious. However, when she switches the oxygen supply, and requests all the drugs that are in cigarettes, it gets funny again. Once again, we deal with Patsy's sister, who ends up getting what she deserves.

    I thought this was a really good episode. I have the DVD of this season, and the bloopers are even funnier. Like all the episodes of AbFab, I recommend watching this one, especially around the holidays.
  • My personal favourite episode of Abfab

    This was a very funny episode; I've already watched this one a couple of times and I'm still laughing although I know when the best jokes will appear etc. The We-Think-Patsy's-Dead scene was hilarious, especially when Saffy & Eddie are totally stunnedn and Patsy walks in...That's why I'm giving this episode an 9.4