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My First AbFab Experience...And Why I'm A Fan To This Day

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    [1]Feb 1, 2008
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    Okay, for the longest time I'd caught seconds of AbFab on Comedy Central here in America and for some reason could not stand it. I didn't get it and would flip the channel almost immediately.

    Flash forward a few years, I'm not 16 and am home alone for the night and there's NOTHING to watch. EXCEPT for three VHS tapes of the first series of AbFab. After groaning, and moaning I said 'okay, it's better than staring at the wall'

    If only I had known. Ten minutes in I was HOOKED. I thought it was different, hilarious and the poor Saff!!! I showed my mom "Fashion Show" and she agreed. It was genius. So of course I bought all the DVD's and am a faithful fan to this day (I'm now 22). I think Patsy & Eddie are true icons both here in America and over the pond. They are two of the characters I most want to meet, only to gab fashion, smokecigs and spend money. Would be a perfect day.

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    Aah, welcome to the crazy house. Read my review here on tv.com for a parallel universe discovery story.
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