Absolutely Fabulous

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 1994 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Patsy agrees to put a fashion spread in her magazine of the product Edina is promoting called "Pop-specs", and they both go to Marrakech for the photo shoot. Saffron wants to go with them to help her university studies but Patsy ends up selling her to white slave traders.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The guide tells Edina and Patsy that "Life of Jesus Christ II" is shooting in the same area as Edina's Pop-specs ad, starring Charles Dance. Dance was in Morocco at the time with the cast of Bleak House.

    • A few of the sofa cushions and pillows move around between takes, without anyone touching them or sitting on the sofa.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Saffy: Mum! That man pinched me!
      Patsy: Darling, don't worry. He's obviously very old and completely blind.

    • Eddie (to Saffy): Well, if you could try and look a little less like a Christian missionary, I'm sure we'll all be a lot safer. They're all muslim around here, you know.

    • Edina: Now, you have got the information, haven't you?
      Bubble: Most of it, yeah. Oh, yeah! Until the special thing broke.
      Saffron: (off-screen) Mum!
      Edina: Hang on, hang on. What thing?
      Bubble: The thing that's attached to the typewriter. Little animal with a ball.
      Edina: What animal?
      Bubble: Little animal, small... Creeps about, not a rat.
      Patsy: Gerbil!
      Edina: Oh…
      Saffron: Squirrel? Hedgehog?
      Bubble: [squeaking] Ah! Ah!
      Edina: No, no, no, don't panic her, or we'll never get anywhere. What, what? A mouse?
      Bubble: Yeah! The mouse. That's got a telly with VD!
      Edina: All right, the computer. The VDU. The word processor.
      Bubble: Yeah. That fell off the table when I took the mouse home.

    • Edina: Can I show you something, sweetie? Can I show you something on this? Look at that.
      (Eddy points to "Pop-specs" bag)
      What do you think that is, there? What is that?
      Saffron: It's a sticker with a green tree on it.
      Edina: Yes.
      Saffron: What does that mean?
      Edina: Kind to trees, sweetie.
      Saffron: How are they kind to trees?
      Edina: Well, they ain't made of wood, how kind do you want?

    • Edina: Have you eaten something?
      Patsy: No, not since 1973.

    • Edina: Do whatever you want sweetie. ...But as your mother I can't be held responsable for your well being.

    • Edina: What a day I've had, sweetie, darling, darling, darling! I have been at work since I left here this morning!
      Saffy: Do you want some lunch?

  • NOTES (4)

    • In this episode the Moroccan houseboy is named Yentob. This is probably an in-joke since back in 1994 Alan Yentob was the director of BBC1, the network on which "Absolutely Fabulous" aired.

    • This episode was rated as the worst episode in AbFab's history as of 2002.

    • The majority of filming was done in Morocco within 3 days. The cast and crew stayed in what was referred to as "the worst hotel north of the equator!" The rest was filmed in a sound studio in Britain.

    • This episode was meant to play 5th in the series, but was bumped up when the BBC changed the order of the episodes at last notice.


    • Sgt. Pepper's: When you see Patsy in the flashback playing guitar, she's dressed up in the famous Sgt. Pepper's uniform that The Beatles wore in 1967.