Absolutely Fabulous

Friday 8:00 PM on BBC Premiered Nov 01, 1992 In Season





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  • The only show ever. Kudo's BBC

    Watch this show; then lets chat. Brilliant, ahead of it time, and ever so English. Jennifer was/is a visionary.

    Good job Saunders and French. And please more Dawn French.

    Summer 2015 | Houston

    Kele Agi
  • best show!

    yes, this is probably the best show ever!!!!
  • Great Show!

    im so loving this show! great!
  • This is definitely a hilarious one!

    Although I just recently watched this, I funny!
  • Absolutely Amazing and Fabulous Fun Sweetie!

    I was first shown this by my best friend and I couldn't believe what I'd been missing. I'd been a fan of French and Saunders for quite a while, but I completely fell in love with this show. Brilliant writing and amazing comic acting. Its an often cheeky, yet never cruel parody of the world of PR, fashion and celebrity. How you can have loads of money from doing absolutely nothing at all, and two people who indulge all the time, just take what they want and do what they want, without thinking, all the time fretting about growing old, and desperately trying to stay young and cool. I love this show so much, as does my grandmother who is 82 and my brother, who is 17, proving it really does connect with all ages. I love it.
  • Trash is Trash

    Is everyone in TV land stupid, Bad acting, wrong messages, the show is consistently absolutely----STUPID, It deserves none of its praise.

    If I were an Actor I would certainly aim higher than this for a job!

    Stupid! Stupid! Stupid ! Show

    No wonder people turn their TV sets----OFF!

    I take it the shows are for women and / or Nellies??!!
  • Its Fabulous Sweety Darling!

    I didnt watch the first two seasons of this show at the time it first aired as i was too busy been a teenager but i do remember the hype and so many people talking about this been a great new show. I started watching it when the third season aired and it was so funny, I had to watch more. I then went out and bought the other two seasons and realy got into it. It was way ahead of its time and the only show of its kind. Patsy & Edina made a great duo act with funny story lines and adventures. This is my favorite TV show of all time & Nothing will ever rival it. I now own all the DVDs and often watch them all again and love it even more ever time i do.
  • Want a good, hilarious and bizarre British TV show? Meed the "fab duo"!

    Eddy and her best friend Patsy are possibly the funniest and most bizarre couple in tv history. The way they threat people around them is terrible and at the same time hilarious. Their regular victim is Eddy's daughter Saffy, that puts up with lots of insults from them, but is simply not strong enough to strike them back.
    Eddy is also a very irresponsible person and has problems with drugs and alcohol (but it's not as bad as her friend Patsy). I recommend this show to everyone that appreciates a good old British sense for humor with addiction of lots of bizarreness.
  • All time Favorite British Comedy.

    When i first saw their show I was laughing my A off and I still do I love Jennifer Saunders and the whole cast. Her daughter and best friend on the show are such great actresses. The writer is amazing I think Jennifer Saunders wrote some of the shows not sure if all plus she directed most of the shows also what talent Jennifer has in show business. I love the characters and each show was so much fun to watch. I even added the france episode to my myspace page I love that episode when patsy shues away an old french man it is hyterical.
    Im not sure if they have any new episodes or is BBC still playing the old episodes.

    I love Ab Fab...

  • Absolute pleasure of a show, that did its fair share of things for the first time. A show with its finger on the pulse

    Ab Fab was a breath of fresh air on the British Sit Com scene, I would n't the first person to say this show didnt quite a few things for the first time, and reached a group of people that had been waiting for something like this weather they knew it or not. I think it safe to say the Ugly Betty gets some of its inspiration from Ab Fab, their are many uncanny similarities if nothing else.

    The shows charecters are lovingly and convincing played throughout, the apprant natural dynamic that exists between the actress makes the show an utter joy to watch. On top of this are Jeniffer Saunders' gloruios rants about things in life that are told so colourfully!

    The show does go through some dull moments, however for me I have to confess these bit are those which relate to the 60s/70s, simply because i'm much younger. And so loving everything else about it, I can easily overlook it!
  • It took me a while to get this

    I remember seeing a few episodes of this show when I was a lot younger, like 13 or something, and I really didn't get it. It wasn't until I borrowed it from the video store when I was about 18 that I fully got into it. I don't know if I was over thinking it, or if the dialogue was just too fast for me when I was younger, but having grown up on Blackadder I would have thought I'd be used to that. Regardless, when I was actually able to appreciate this show I feel totally in love with it. It's not just the characters, its the absolutely painfully nasty script. Some of the lines that come out of Patsy's mouth are just twisted. Not to mention the absolute rubbish that sometimes comes from Eddie and Bubble ('The world is heading towards eternal dalmation!') :) Classic.

    I don't really have a favourite season. The majority of my other favourite shows (possibly all of them in fact) definitely have season themes, but Ab Fab seems to just travel along at it's own pace. I do have favourite episodes however (Iso Tank, Birthday, The Opening).

    I think one of the really interesting things about this show is that while Eddie may occasionally be fun to hang out with, she is the epitome of what we THINK we would want for a mother. Someone who wears roller-skates round the house, who offers to buy your school a swimming pool, has a panic room in the basement and has more fun playing on the play ground than you do. Despite all this, it is clearly obvious from watching Saffy and the things she has to go through that Eddie really doesn't make a very good mother. She may love Saffy but she loves herself a little bit more. She's kinda selfish. And the very fact that she is this way means that the roles between her and Saff are completely reversed. Saffy is more of a parent than Eddie will ever be and Eddie is more of a child than Saffy was ever allowed to be. Okay, now that I have that little philosophical discussion out of the way, this show is brilliant. It is incredibly funny and not only that but also very clever. Jennifer Saunders has written incredible scripts and all of the other cast members do an impecable job of bringing the characters to life and delivering what can sometimes be rather complicated lines. I love this show!
  • Doesn't the title say it all?

    Absolutely Fabulous is just that. The characters in this show are rich and full of character, some outrageous, some crazy and all absolutely fabulous. When this show was first out in the states and on DVD, my friends and I would watch it over and over again. Edina is like so many of my friends; successful, funny, single, and an absolute lush. If you are in the mood for laughs and don't take yourself too seriously, then you will really enjoy Absolutely Fabulous. It's okay to be outrageous every now and again, to have a cocktail at 9:30 a.m. wearing loud, too tight fiting Laquax.
  • Wonderful.

    My best friend adores Absolutely Fabulous, and so bought all the episodes on DVD. You know those kind of programmes you used to watch as a small child but forgot just how amazing they were? Absolutely Fabulous was that programme for me. It wasn't until I sat down one hungover Sunday - as you do - and rewatched every episode that I realised what a bloody classic this series as a whole is. Every character entertains me. Ok, some more than others. Edie and Patsy are definitely the worlds around which the other characters rotate but that doesn't matter. Each character is fleshed out, even the office help Bubble: a part that Jennifer created for Jane as she didn't get the role as Saffie. You'll learn the catchphrases (again). You'll laugh outloud at the gags - like when Edie used a foreign import of something similar to botox and can't lift her head for a week. Patsy being trapped in a toilet while Edie sleeps with what she thinks is a rich countryman who turns out to be nothing but a landscape gardener.

    Ab Fab even manages to be wonderful when it leaves London and heads off to Paris - Saffie topless on the Effiel Tower I will always remember. Gosh. If you haven't seen this programme, you're missing something great.
  • Hilarious

    This is one of my favorite comedies ever. Take two completely self absorbed, drunken, drugged, delusional, over-the-hill ex hippies and turn them into the best of friends to the point excluding all others in their lives and you might come close to what this show did.
    Ever season was at least two classic episodes that I can watch at any time and always laugh no matter how many times I've seen them, and I assure you I've seen them all many many many times.
    Saffy is always there to try to be the morale compass and guiding light for a house full of insane people. If she's not taking care of Edina, fighting with Patsy or cleaning up after Gran, then she is dealing with an almost-alcholic, stalker style best friend and the desire to just be normal.
    A classic in my book and a show I will always be able to watch.
  • Ab Fab

    Absolutely fabulous.

    In the current climate of social restriction and political correctness, there is something very liberating about watching people do all the things society tells us are bad without one iota of regret. This is made even more powerful by making the characters a pair of middle-aged, upper-crust women who "should know better."

    Who says Brits are stuffy? In the outrageous world of jet-setters Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley), moderation is but a myth, darling! These two babes are BENEATH the Valley of the Dolls--piles of pills, mountains of coke, gallons of Bolly-Stoli cocktails...and whatever else is fashionable at the present time. They slavishly follow trends, kiss the butts of celebrities, torment Eddy's straight-laced daughter Saffron (Julia Sawalha), and basically do whatever must be done to get exactly what they want, when they want it. There are no lessons, no judgments, no treacly sentimental bits to tug at one's heartstrings. Thank bloody God!

    AbFab is the perfect alternative for those repulsed by the sugary sewage typically pumped through the picture tube, where everyone does "the right thing" ("Don't do that in front of me or I'll throw up!"). Sharp in all departments, with a terrific cast, hilarious (and surprisingly true) writing, and a gorgeously gaudy wardrobe for Eddy ("Lacroix, sweetie!"). "All right, cheers, thanks a lot."
  • The premise is brilliant and the actors are fantastic, but the show is a bit over-the-top.

    Before I saw an episode, I had preconcieved notions that the show would be bad. To my surprise, the show has some very funny moments (espeically between Saffy and Eddy) and some not so funny moments. The good, however, outweighs the bad in this show. The guest stars are funny (especially Dawn French who was the original Saffy). Everything from the outfits to the decoration of the house screams laughter. In fact, the outfits are a must see to believe.
  • Does all the good comedy come from GB?

    I am beginning to think that the comedy that appeals most to me comes from across the pond! Absolutely Fabulous is just that: Absolutely Fabulous!

    Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley as "Edina Monsoon" & "Patsy Stone", respectively, absolutely rocked my world in the 90's with this show. I saw myself in these women and their hiliarious antics (but fortunately, I got my act together and found God. Hee!). The shows were wonders to behold, and made living a completely over-the-top, amoral and shallow, dissolute, fashion-struck life seem like a reasonable objective.

    The supporting cast: Jane Horrocks' hilarious and guileless "Bubble"; Julia Sawalha's stolid "Saffron"; and June Whitfield's wonderous "Gran/Mother" together formed an inimitable comic team that had me laughing heartily for years. This is a great show, and I loved it!
  • Like I said “fabulous Darling”

    Brill show that really made me think into the minds of the rich and famous are they really that mad?
    Brilliant characters that are the type that make you want to meet up with them in reality just to have a good laugh!
    There really are some moments which I thought what was truly good television but some episode are well and truly mad like the Christmas ones
    Strangely this series reminds me oddly of the Royal family humour but that might be just be me. Love that in this this crazy series of mad hatter characters there is at least one "normal" one...xxx
  • Yeah sweetie...yeah darling... go on SWEETIE....YEAH DARLING. One of Britians best comedies and definately Lumley's and Saunders' most brilliant work.

    In a way Absolutely Faboulous or "Ab Fab" revolutionised British comedy. It was one of the first shows that allowed comedy to be funny, but not dumbless. Even though, on the surface, it appeared, as was intended, a simple and typical Jennifer Saunders comedy that made fun out of everything and anything, it addressed a lot of serious issues, albeit addressing them comically, such as homosexuality, teenage social issues, child neglect and abuse (by both Edina and Patsy's mom) and body image. The biggest one of these was body image, Edina's unhealthy obssesion with it. The show was the first to portray the new stick thin and looking great obsession, mainly by Edina and Patsy. But the show's problem was losing it's comic effect as it grew older, because simply Edina and Patsy were too typical. By 2003 a majority of people were as fashion-crazed and body-obssesed as Edina and "Pats" that they no longer found it funny, because it simply portrayed the world as it was; a cesspool of mainly dumb, image driven people.
    The show was good for it's time and I remeber literally rolling on the floor in laughter and crying; but when I watch it now I fell like crying for all the wrong reasons. Too many people are like Edina today that instead of being faced with Saunders style comedy we are being presented with a not-so-funny take on the world today.
    Good for it's time but watching repeats and buying Box Sets will not entertain you.
  • Classic

    I think Edina and Patsy are very verry funny. I didn't know this show had been on this long. I just started watching it. I have been watching it for like 2 maybe three years on the Oxygen channel. They don't show it that much well not at all lately on the oxygen channel but sometimes I catch it on BCC channel which I didn't know they had in america. But they mostly show old episodes and I wanted to see like season 4 and 5. I think that Patsy the way she talks is reall reallly histarical and how she is towared Saffy.
  • Oh Sweetie Oh Darling How could I live without it?

    Oh Sweetie Oh Darling, this show is absolutely fabulous, I mean you're not even a person if you don't watch it, it's that good, it's better than eating, well okay, not better than eating, of course you don't eat, do you sweetie darling, Pats? I mean that just wouldn't be you! It would be me, oh never mind, it's too horrible, I don't want to talk about it, it's just a phase, I'll look anorexic again, I just know it, life is too short, isn't it, sweetie? But what are we going to do about Saffy, my wayward little sugar plum, mmmm? We can't just let her grow up so, so... you know, so... it hurts me to say it, sweetie, darling, so very... so desperately NORMAL. Can't have that. After all what did we shag all those rock stars for if it all just comes to this? That reminds me, do you have any... you know, do you, sweetie darling? Live life while you can, that's what I say, for tomorrow we... I don't want to think about it, now don't I have some chocolate around here? Well, never mind, Pats, let's go out and find something SHOCKING to do. We're not too old to be shocking, are we, sweetie, are we darling?
  • Girls just wanna have fun, right? The girls in question are the middle-aged Eddy (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy (Joanna Lumley) who seem to have become stuck in their glory days of 1960s swinging London and its hedonistic lifestyle.

    Eddie (who Jennifer Saunders plays with a mixture of self-loathing and search for enlightnment through any chemical means available) and Patsy (sex symbol Joanna Lumley mocking her real life self one might say with violent jibes at models and the fashion industry in general) have been best friends for ages. They hold jobs of a kind, Eddie owns a PR agency and Patsy "works" as fashion editor for a magazine.
    But their life as liberated women is not about careers, it's about being wild and having fun. This they do in almost every episode - with generous helpings of booze, ciggies and other drugs to help them along.
    This whole attitude to life leads to frequent clashes with sweetie darling Saffy, Eddie's daughter from her second marriage (to a gay man, now happily settled down with his boyfriend). Saffy rarely has any impact on her mother's actions, though.
    Gran - Eddie's mum (played by the inimitable June Withfield) - provides extra comic relief as a senior citizen sometimes on the verge of dementia but sharp enough to act as an irritant on her daughter in a way Saffy is always delighted to watch and at times learn from.

    The show is highly frank in its approach to subjects such as women's sexuality after their forties, drug taking, extremely heavy consumption of alcohol.
    Patsy's character is outrageous open about her high libido, her violent jealousy of Saffy (she wanted Eddy to have an abortion and tells Saffy so) and is always hinting at a possible sex change procedure she may have gone through (though she once adds that the implement dropped off after a couple of weeks...). Surprisingly enough she gets along fine with Mrs. Monsoon and the feeling seems to be mutual.

    The show also makes frequent mention of Eddie's perceived obesity and uses this to implicitly attack the widespread cult of the body beautiful.

    AbFab is an icon of 90s television worldwide, justly so I think.
  • Outrageous, campy, hilarious… for the most part.

    I found this show through a song. A friend of mine is a big Pet Shop Boys fan and he introduced me to the song which then led me to watch the show. At first, it seemed like just another quirky British comedy, but after awhile the show grew on me.

    I liked the Saffron/Edina interactions the most, but Gran certainly had some zingers. I never did quite understand how Eddy managed to keep her clients (although in later seasons we see more of that part of her life) or even how she managed to get so much from her exes.

    When it was brought back though, something seemed waning to me and I never really got back into the swing of things.
  • funny british comedy

    you know, being an american i rarely get british comedy. bu i absolutely loved this show. i do not know which i like more are you being served or this show. they were both hillarious. the kind of situations the girls in this show got into, you could not help but to laugh.
  • Eddie is an excentrict lound middle aged woman who has become a major figure in the world of PR. Her best firend Patsie an ageing fashion editor thinks she is the hottest thing aorund and is in denial about her life as is Eddie.

    This show is crazy funny in its own way. (Bubble is absolutely hilarious.)But this show is more than laughs. There is depth and many interresting views on life, the modern world and ageing that are discussed in this show. A very major influence on my life.Jennifer Saunders is an absolute genius and is very underaprreciated. I wish that they would continue making this show. It is sothing that is very special. Many comedies will coame and go but there is somthing about ab fab that will make it last forever. For anyone that has not experienced this show yet you are truly missing somthing.
  • AB FAB!!!

    My mum used to watch this show all the time. She had the show on videos so that's how I started watching them and it was a bit before my time but I still got onto and found it funny. The character's are the best rather than the acually writting of the show because they are so funny.
    The show itself was overall quite good and eventhough I never sat down and watched through the seasons, I only ever caught a odd episode it still was funny.. especially for british humor which I dont usually fine that ammussing... more bad acting but this isn't the case.
  • Literally.

    Absolutely Fabulous is the story of Edina 'Eddy' and her best friend Patsy, who live an over the top lifestyle, and everything is of course absolutely fabulous. Eddie's daughter Saffron 'Saffy' is always bugged by her mothers ridiculous behaviour, and often ends up being the one who has to pull he into line. Eddie acts like the daughter and Saffy acts like a mother. But in the end between all their constant bickering, they do care about each other. The dialogue between the characters is brilliant, and hilarious. I hope at some stage there is another special or even another series, this is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen.
  • The name says it all.

    Who could pass up a chance to see Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley- dare I say, two of the most talented comediennes to this day - showing us what the British are really like? From the tasteful outfits that fill Eddie's wardrobe to the time Patsy, *ahem* 'used' Eddie's vibrating "bleeper", to Saffy's absolute torment when it comes to dealing with her mum, this is one of the best - and funniest - shows on British and worldwide television today.
  • One of the greatest shows that has ever been on tv!

    I love Ab Fab so much, infact i'm watching the DVDs as i'm writing this and can't stop laughing. It's sooooo funny and each episode just leaves you wanting more. I love the slash of personalities and how the roles within the Monsoon family are switched between Eddy and Saffy. Patsy is what makes the show worthwhile because she is hilarious and very opinionated towards Saffy. She's rude but not in an aggressive manner. Eddy is equally funny and Saffy has her moments. Anyone who loves British comedy should love Ab Fab!!!
  • Leave It To Beaver is possibly one of the greatest season-enders ever made. It ties-up all the loose ends and we see who Lily's killer really is. Aside from this, it was also really exciting.

    Leave It To Beaver is possibly one of the greatest season-enders ever made. It ties-up all the loose ends and we see who Lily's killer really is. Aside from this, it was also really exciting. I found myself on the edge of my seat while watching this episode 'cause it was really suspense. It was sad though 'cause there were some sad stuff that happened (I dont wanna spoil this). I think the most thrilling part was the final confrontation with Lily's killer. I won't say who it is, but it's someone I did not expect. Anyway, I won't mind watching this over and over again 'cause it's really good.
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