Absolutely Fabulous

Friday 8:00 PM on BBC Premiered Nov 01, 1992 In Season





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  • Absolute pleasure of a show, that did its fair share of things for the first time. A show with its finger on the pulse

    Ab Fab was a breath of fresh air on the British Sit Com scene, I would n't the first person to say this show didnt quite a few things for the first time, and reached a group of people that had been waiting for something like this weather they knew it or not. I think it safe to say the Ugly Betty gets some of its inspiration from Ab Fab, their are many uncanny similarities if nothing else.

    The shows charecters are lovingly and convincing played throughout, the apprant natural dynamic that exists between the actress makes the show an utter joy to watch. On top of this are Jeniffer Saunders' gloruios rants about things in life that are told so colourfully!

    The show does go through some dull moments, however for me I have to confess these bit are those which relate to the 60s/70s, simply because i'm much younger. And so loving everything else about it, I can easily overlook it!