Absolutely Fabulous - Season 3

Friday 8:00 PM on BBC Premiered Nov 01, 1992 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Absolutely Fabulous: A Life
    During the filming of her very own documentary, 'A Day in My Life', Eddie drops in on her mother who's working in a Help the Aged charity shop. There she reminisces about the people and events which have made her what she is today.
  • The Last Shout (2)
    The Last Shout (2)
    Episode 8
    Paolo's parents arrive, disapproving of Saffy... until Patsy realizes that she knows Paulo's mother. Meanwhile, Eddie and Saffy plan the wedding.
  • The Last Shout (1)
    The Last Shout (1)
    Episode 7
    Saffy becomes engaged to her snooty new boyfriend, Paolo Carlo. Eddie and Patsy go on a ski trip where Eddie has a real near-death experience. Bo arrives, hiding from the Scientologists. And June goes to the airport to meet two old friends she hasn't seen in years.
  • The End (2)
    Episode 6
    After Patsy and Saffy both move away from her, Eddie moves to a commune where she tries to fit in but doesn't have a chance. Patsy's new job is not what she was expecting and Eddie turns up in New York where she meets her on the top of a building in a helicopter before heading back to London. There is also a sneak peek at them in 25 years time.moreless
  • Fear (1)
    Episode 5
    Patsy moves in to live with Edina when Saffy goes off to college. However it proves to be a turbulent arrangement, especially when they can't find the tin opener. Further trouble errupts when Lulu arrives at Edina's office to terminate her contract and sign with a high-powered American PR agency. Patsy loses her job when her magazine folds, leaving the high-living pair contemplating old age and a crossroads in their lives.moreless
  • Jealous
    Episode 4
    Eddie gets very depressed that she doesn't win the PR Person of the Year Award and almost works herself to death trying to gain revenge. Saffy's psychology lecturer starts giving her some "extra special tuition" and Eddie comes to her daughter's aid for one of the few times in her life.moreless
  • Sex
    Episode 3
    Eddie wants to have a bigger bedroom and debates which of the two walls to knock down; one leading to Saffy's room, the other to Serge's. Eddie and Patsy go into Serge's room to clear it out where Saffy discovers a copy of Razzle amongst his magazines (thankfully not the one that Patsy appeared in!). Despite Saffy's objections about the magazine, Eddie leafs through it and realises that it has been awhile since she has had sex. Patsy talks her into hiring two male prostitutes on the night that Saffy has a presentation at school, both of which don't go off as smoothly as they would have liked.moreless
  • Happy New Year
    Episode 2
    While Saffy plans to spend a quiet New Year's Eve with her family and Sarah, Eddie and Patsy prepare to join a huge underground rave party to see in the new year, but things change when word comes of the visit from Patsy's long lost sister, Jackie, who is notorious for being a '60s party animal. Upon her arrival, Patsy is distressed to learn that her sister (unlike herself) has actually aged in the last 30 years.moreless
  • Door Handle
    Episode 1
    As the kitchen is being rebuilt after the fire in the last season's finale, Eddie is hell-bent on searching for the perfect door handle to match her decor, and she and Patsy take a day trip to New York on Concorde to track one down.